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I don"t know about meaning of native of the phrase: "make up someone"s mind".

For example: he makes up his mind around something.

Thanks you for helping.



"to make up someone"s mind" has two key senses:

1) to decision something about which they space or to be unsure about.2) to make a method of thinking firm and also unlikely to change.

I couldn"t consist of my psychic whether ns wanted taco or burritos.

The writer has a an option to make yet is having trouble making the choice.

She hadn"t made up her mind even if it is to expropriate his marriage proposal or not, until she thought she had actually lost him.

Another instance of a choice, this time v the factor for the decision included.

It"s useless to shot to factor with him once he has consisted of his mind.

This is the 2nd sense the the word, wherein a person"s way of reasoning becomes rigid and also not conveniently changeable.

She had consisted of her mind the her friend was cheating ~ above her. Nothing he said could convince her that he to be innocent.

Another instance where the phrase means that a human won"t adjust their thinking.

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It method "to decide":

If you consist of your mental or make your mind up, you decide which the a number of possible points you will have actually or do.


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