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Patrick Star Wallet refers to a step from Spongebob Squarepants in i beg your pardon the villain man Ray attempts come teach a lesson around morality to Patrick Star. The scene has been parodied and turned into an exploitable in which the characters and also dialogue are altered.


On September 14th, 2001, the Spongebob Squarepants illustration "Mermaid Man and also Barnacle boy III" premiered in the joined States.<1> In the episode, man Ray roleplays giving back Patrick"s shed wallet. However, Patrick denies the the wallet is his in spite of Man Ray"s logical reasoning, angering the (shown below).

An photo macro the the scene showed up online in the mid-2010s. An example was posted on Imgur ~ above July 21st, 2013,<2> despite the image had actually been circulating virtual prior.



The image started to grow into an exploitable in the summer that 2016. On august 1st, among the earliest instances was posted to Imgur, <3> in i m sorry Patrick is represented as an Xbox and Man ray is stood for as a gamer. The post has been perceived over 40,000 time (shown below).


The exploitables soon adopted a political tone, as world satirized your frustrations through opposing philosophies by representing the opposing viewpoint as Patrick. For example, a popular modify satirizing not My chairman Democrats has Patrick agreeing to all the problems that would certainly make Donald trump card one"s president, then staunchly denying that Trump is his president<4> (shown below, top). From the other side, a GIF of the scene in i beg your pardon Patrick to represent the Alt-Right acquired over 139,000 views on Imgur (shown below, bottom).

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<5> political edits have comprised the majority of the edits, though there have actually been instances featuring various topics, an especially video games.