Disruptor Beam has actually already created games based on Star Trek and Video Game of Thrones. Next off up is The Walking Dead, through the launch of The Walking Dead: March to War.

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To build the game, which was first announced last year, the company partnered through Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment. That suggests the game is technically an adaptation of the comics, yet the atmospheres and also difficulties have to feel pretty familiar to TV fans, as well.

Not that this is the first mobile game to adapt the common zombie franchise — Telltale has released multiple, critically acclaimed Walking Dead adendeavor titles, while Scopely’s got The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

Still, I was fairly impressed by what Disruptor Beam CEO Jon Radoff demonstrated for me. March to War takes location in the same zombie-overrun United States as the comics — in this case, Washington, D.C.

The team developed what Radoff shelp is a 20-square-mile map of the city. In various other words, it’s a huge map, yet it likewise has several information, enabling you to acknowledge landmarks prefer the White Housage, and also also to spot individual walkers (a.k.a. zombies) moving across the landscape.


You can also communicate via characters from the comics choose Rick and also Negan by adding them to your council, where they’ll advise you on your following move.

And as in the comics, the walkers provide a danger, but the bigger peril originates from various other humans. March to War is a multiplayer suffer that enables you to develop alliances via other players (you’ll have actually a pretty difficult time trying to make it through on your very own, Radoff said), and also then launch raids and attacks on other areas.

The Walking Dead: March to War is available for cost-free on iOS and also Android. Radoff said the launch shows the very same viewpoint that Disruptor Beam used through Video Game of Thrones Ascent and also Star Trek Timelines — the goal is to win over the the majority of passionate fans of the franchise, and also then expand also outward from tbelow.

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Radoff shelp this is additionally happening as the owners of renowned entertainment franchises increasingly view games as a means to remain linked to fans, not simply to make a quick buck.

“Nopoint engeras an audience favor a long-running game,” he shelp. “What we build are MMOs that are fundamentally designed to connect human being for many kind of, many kind of years.”