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The Marcy Two-Piece Olympic Bench MD-879 is adjustable at numerous points for her convenience. Change the back pad come decline, flat, and also incline angle to adjust up your workout. And, the barbell catch / squat rack and flexible curl pad are height adjustable for your comfort.

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Separate Bench and also Bar record / Squat Rack

Unlike many Olympic benches, the MD-879 barbell record / squat rack is not attached come the bench. Merely move the bench away from the barbell capture to usage it as a squat rack.


Included Storage an are for weight Place

For included convenience, the MD-879 Olympic Bench barbell capture has two Olympic pegs to store your load plates and also avoid cluttering your workout space.

Preacher Curls with Preacher curl Pad / curly Handle. And, Leg expansions with leg Developer

Use the preacher curl pad and also curl take care of for preacher curls. Preacher curls take much better aim at your biceps than continual curls.

The contained leg developer provides the option to perform leg curls and leg extensions. Leg extensions are good for functioning out her quadriceps


Incline Bench exercises - Incline Presses

With multiple backpad positions, the MD-879 offers a vast array of angles to pinpoint details muscles. Incline Bench Presses target her chest muscles together presses do, however, the incline bench push focuses more on your top chest muscles.

This product is not intended for commercial use.

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5 Superb very first bench posted by kurt B. On Jul 14th 2021

I purchase this for my boy who wanted to begin lifting weights. It has been fabulous for him to use and also is really solid.

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4 high quality

posted by Mario M. Top top Mar 13th 2021

Everything is fine yet the bench product came wrinkle v creases.

5 Really an excellent bench

post by Rachael P. On Feb 20th 2021

Great bench and just what i needed. My only want is that the seat would certainly pivot up and also down and also the feet top top the bench had actually floor grips. Other than that great and sturdy. Simple to put together, i did it myself.

3 negative paint

posted by David S. Top top Feb 16th 2021

Good machine, although no necessarily an excellent for a 6’5” person. In addition, when assembling, ns noticed numerous scratches come the paint and also bubbling whereby the paint did no adhere well. I’ll use it, yet not happy through the problem of the product via shipping or production with regards come its repaint job.