An obscure monk obstacles kings and also popes, sparking a readjust in culture, politics and also religion

The year 2017 clues the 500th anniversary the one top top the most crucial events in western people — the bear of one idea that proceeds to shape the life of american today.

In 1517, power remained in the hands of the few, thought was regulated by the chosen, and also common people lived stays without hope.

On October 31 of the year, a penniless monk named Martin Luther sparked the transformation that would change everything.

He had actually no army.

In fact, he preached nonviolence so powerfully the — 400 years later — Michael King would adjust his name to martin Luther King to present solidarity v the initial movement.

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This movement, the protestant Reformation, changed western culture at that core, sparking the drive towards individualism, liberty of religion, women"s rights, separation that church and also state, and also even cost-free public education.

Without the Reformation, there would have actually been no Pilgrims, no Puritans, and no America in the way we know it.


"Martin Luther: The Idea That adjusted The World" adheres to the dramatic story of boy name Luther"s life: the enormous lightning storm that almost killed him, the bleak self-punishment of his time in the monastery, the corruption that unleashed his anger, his trial before the most an effective man in Europe, and also the staged kidnapping that helped him escape the death penalty.

The documentary features intricate full-scale dramatizations filmed in the castles and monasteries and on the cobblestone roadways of eastern Europe.

Dozens of historians from Europe and the ameri were interviewed, with a careful eye come ensure that all political parties of the story space represented.

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Martin Luther bows come Cardinal Cajetan. The meeting was an early step in Luther"s refusal of Catholic teachings.
Hugh Bonneville (DOWNTON ABBEY) narrates; Padraic Delaney (THE TUDORS, “The guy Who Knew Infinity”) portrays Luther.