Type: Heleus Assignments

Zone / Planet: Nexus

You"ve received an email from Sid, Vetra"s sister, that thinks she has actually uncovered something suspicious going on in ~ the Nexus.

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To obtain this mission you have to read the email "Something Suspicious" indigenous Sid. You will receive it after ~ visiting Kadara.

Dear Ryder,

Hope you"re doing good out there. Vetra speak me things, but not the things I understand she thinks will upset me. Even now, after everything with Meriweather. Old habits, ns guess.


There"s something monster going on v the Nexus. I just found some stuff the doesn"t quite include up. Or maybe adds up to numbers we don"t like. It"s hard to explain.

If you"ve acquired time, we could talk around it, in person? I"ll be in Operations.


Related clues of interest

Three Sabers HideoutKadara


SidNexus / Hyperion

AddisonNexus / Hyperion

Prior missions

To begin Life ~ above the Frontier friend must first complete Vetra Nyx: way and Ends.

Mission objectives that Life top top the Frontier

1. Meet with Sid top top the Nexus

She"s one of the scientists on Nexus - Operations.

2. Investigate room attacks top top Nexus ships

Nexus interests have been attacked by the mercenary group dubbed the three Sabers. Vetra"s sister Sid think there"s something suspiciously going on, as the three Sabers seem come have detailed knowledge of Nexus plans and movements.

3. Sites investigated (x4)

You must visit Solminae, Joba, Nalesh, and Jirayder systems, find for anomalies, send probes, and scan.

(BUG?) mine "progress meter" wasn"t update (showed 0/4 every the time) , however after ns scanned the critical object, mission objective was completed.

4. Follow the three Sabers to their hideout ~ above Kadara

5. Loss the three Sabers

6. Search the hideout

Check the datapad located in the room ~ above top.

Three Sabers Memo

I don"t desire to hear around it. You every knew ousting Yale would certainly make the break v the Nexus final. No loss; that teat was running dry. Going independent isn"t simply the clever move, it"s the just move. Now we"ve got the gear and the freedom to take over this place. Angara? no a problem.

Hear Yale"s ~ above Eos. Forget him. That won"t talk. Something he brings up will disclose his involvement, and the Nexus" involvement. He"s not going to placed himself in that position.


7. Speak to Yale on Eos

You"ve learned the the three Sabers freshly ousted their leader, Stanton Yale, after to run into debates with him. Yale is currently on Eos and may know more about the 3 Sabers" activities.

You will uncover him inside among the structures in Prodromos.

8. Confront Addison

Yale, the ousted leader of the three Sabers, has actually revealed that the Nexus sanctioned the mercenary group"s tasks in the beginning. Addison herself had actually knowledge the it.

Go earlier to the Nexus - Operations and talk come Addison. Sid will join the conversation.

You have to make a decision "Addison"s right" or "Sid"s right".

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