Northeast of the front Station external of Techiix station you’ll discover a communication upon which 2 Biologists room arguing. Chat v them and also they’ll be all also eager come tell you your problems. Seem some pets the Angara room fond that - the Yevara - room being poached through Nexus exiles, and also unless someone intervenes, they may be pursued to extinction. Just seems fitting that you ideal the wrongs of your other Milky means transients.

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Now it’s time to hunt down the poacher’s camp. Through luck you’ll discover the poachers, or failing that you might find where they went. The an initial one is northwest that Techiix Station, south of part Remnant ruins. The poachers are, sadly, i do not have anything to be found, but you have the right to a Shipping Container for some research Data points.


Talk to some Angarans near the Techiix station to hear castle complain around the over-hunting of Voeld wildlife (left) then find the camps of the poachers (right).

The 2nd poacher camp is additional east, northeast that Techiix Station and also south that a forward Station, in clear vision of a massive, shielded Kett structure (marked as a “Cave” on your map). Monitor the find area to discover the poacher camp, wherein you’ll find an additional Shipping Container. Much more importantly you’ll uncover a Datapad inside this container, i beg your pardon will enable you to track the poachers down.

The next navpoint points friend southeast native Techiix Station, close to a Kett camp (where friend may discover quest-related spawns for quests prefer “Task: gone Dark” or “Task: Catch and Release”). Head down into a ravine and continue east under a big Kett construct till you encounter new foes; exiles. Kill the Saboteur and also Outlaw Raider (scanning lock will get you progression towards the pursuit “Aid APEX”) then carry on into a cave.

Eradicate a welcoming party that Raiders, then continue northeast right into the cave, following the straight path up a ledge and into a narrower mechanism of tunnels until you reach a fork. In ~ this suggest turn northwest and you’ll reach a an ext open chamber. If girlfriend turn east down a dead finish you’ll find an Iridium node you have the right to exploit, ~ which proceed northwest to reach another chamber, where the mastermind the this poaching operation awaits.


Fight v the Milky means poachers (left) to challenge the mastermind that the operation (left) who reveals the nature of she research and also leaves you with a moral quandary (right).

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Talk come Dr. Lekaaret and also she’ll quickly involved grips with the martial realities at play here and instead emphasis on appeal to your rationality. Seems the Yevara have actually some medicinal properties, and also you’re left through a choice; shut under the operation and close a possibly promising path of research, i m sorry may assist the Angara to have a future in ~ the cost of destroying part of your past, or close up door Dr. Lekaaret down and also preserve the Yevara… perhaps at the price of Angaran lives. Whichever choice you make, you’ll knife the standard 29 AVP, +2% Voeld viability and also 270 XP.