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In Mass Effect: Andromeda, you have to learn to disregard distractions. Between the mysteries you’re about to uncover, the next missions currently hanging over her head, the side missions you’ll be finding follow me the method and the tantalizing symbols that are about to display up on your map, the key mission is going to seem less than interesting. And also we’re right here to phone call you come ignore every one of them for now.

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Listen: We get it. We have actually a next mission seeks that reasons us a ton of troubles playing open world games. And also we’re quickly distractible. If you, say, sell us a room monkey mascot (the "Monkeys in Space" Heleus assignment the you’ll obtain the an initial time friend go earlier to the Nexus), we’re going to drop everything and also find that space monkey. This got us right into trouble, i beg your pardon is why we’re writing all of this before getting to the mission.

"A far better Beginning" is walking to take you under to Eos and also expose you to a lot of brand-new stuff. And it’s a lengthy mission. If friend promptly abandon the key mission (like we did) things are going to gain confusing fast. She going to head in the not correct direction (away from the key mission’s goals), you’re walk to encounter tougher enemies and also meet human being in the wrong order, you going come spin turn off even more next missions, and you’re going to get confused by points you’re asked to do. Because (and this is the moral of our story so we’re walking to make it bold) the main mission teaches you things that the side goals assume you already know.

Our advice

So, those our advice? look for ideas that you’re walk the wrong method and — this is crucial — heed those warnings. Nothing power v (like us did) assuming points will make feeling eventually. This is what those warnings look at like:

Tough enemies. Occasionally these are simply a big number the enemies, and also sometimes castle an eight-foot tall monster literally called a "fiend." Tasks the don’t make any type of sense. If the video game asks you come "find two an ext glyphs" and you have actually no idea what a glyph is, perhaps head ago to the main mission and let the game teach you. Going the dorn way. Side objectives make the many sense as soon as they overlap through your key goal. If friend literally need to turn around and head opposing direction, probably don’t. Mass Effect: Andromeda doesn’t restrict you. However you have to remember the you deserve to go earlier and revisit planets for that thing you missed. That OK come let the story overview you much faster than you’d go on your own — girlfriend can always come ago and examine behind every rock.

And we’re right here to tell friend that when you end up this mission, you’re walk to have so many side missions to perform on Eos that you’ll be happy for the exploration, familiarity and also preparation that the key mission provides you. The video game will reward girlfriend for her patience.

A caveat

Like we claimed in that last suggest above, side goals make sense once they overlap what you’re already doing. We’re no saying to stop all next mission work at every costs. We’re simply saying that, on your an initial trip someplace new, nothing prioritize the side objectives over the main one.

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What to do as soon as you disregard our advice and end up in over her head

Just leave. Girlfriend can rapid travel to front stations and also some other areas (like the storm and, later, outposts). Or you can just revolve around and also walk away. It’ll save you a the majority of frustration and also confusion.