We’ve been following the continued hold-up of DJI’s brand-new Mavic Pro very closely. We speculated the there was an ext going behind the scenes 보다 the agency was letting on, and also it looks like we to be right. We’ve to be contacted by numerous Mavic pro pre-orderers, and also the general consensus has been no anger in ~ the hold-up itself, however at the method in which DJI has actually handled it. Having actually paid the full price of a Mavic pro upfront, countless customers have actually been puzzled at the hold-up and the absence of informative interaction from DJI, and plenty have struggled to get any shipping info or also arrange a refund for your order.

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Now, nearly three weeks after ~ the original shipping date, DJI has determined it’s time to front up. For the an initial time, the firm has admitted the there to be a difficulty in production – ” an concern integrating a part into the Mavic Pro” – and also has set an approximated timeframe because that pilots who have actually ordered their drone prior to November 3rd. And also bad news: It could make grim analysis for customers hope to have their drones wrapped under the tree this Christmas.

Mavic agree shipping update: Pre-orders (finally) have actually a timeframe

In a statement, DJI admitted that it can’t offer out details delivery estimates for separation, personal, instance orders. However, the statement walk say the “For Mavic agree orders received before November 3, 2016, us will carry out our best to clear them every within the following seven to eight weeks.”

That puts a delivery day somewhere between the 22nd and also the 29th that December.

The Chinese manufacturer also responded to criticism that the pre-order process, in which customers had to pay 100% of the cost before their Mavic pro had also been shipped (or constructed, probably). The declare reads: “Some the you wait for your Mavic Pro likewise expressed concern about our immediate billing the pre-orders. We’ve heard you and also are evaluating potential alternatives with our payment provider.”


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The full Mavic pro shipping update can be found in the DJI explain below:

Dear DJI Customers,

We fan you an apology because that our delays in transferring the brand-new Mavic Pro. We desire to thank you for her patience and also advise that we space looking into enhancing our order process and systems, based mostly on her feedback. 

When us announced Mavic Pro and also began accepting pre-orders, we supposed to supply the first units in mid-October. However, ramping up production to complete speed at height quality took much longer than planned. Before our reserved shipping target, we encountered an worry integrating a part into the Mavic Pro. We resolved that in ~ a week. On height of that, the excitement for the Mavic agree beat our expectations. As a result, we room working diligently come ramp up production to accomplish the higher-than-anticipated need for the Mavic Pro.

We have been shipping for virtually two weeks, yet even with round-the-clock production, we unfortunately cannot give particular delivery approximates for countless orders relocating through various global sales channels as such demand. For Mavic agree orders received before November 3, 2016, we will do our ideal to clear them every within the next seven come eight weeks.

Some that you wait for her Mavic Pro also expressed concern about our prompt billing of pre-orders. We’ve heard you and also are analyzing potential alternatives with our payment provider.

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DJI exists to placed amazing technology and innovation into your hands, and also we’re sorry it’s taking so lengthy with Mavic Pro. Our internal systems haven’t retained up through the enormous need for our products, and your enthusiasm because that our newest supplying is spurring united state to improve. We appreciate your understanding and also are doing everything we deserve to to obtain Mavic pro to friend as conveniently as possible.


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