Mazie Hirono is an American politician serving together a member the the U.S. Senate native Hawaiisince 2013.

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She was born on November 3, 1947, in Koori, Japan, together Mazie Keiko Hirono.

Mazie was increased on a rice farm in countryside Japan.

In 1955, Hirono and her brother Roy relocated with their mommy to her native Honolulu since her father to be an alcoholic and also a compulsive gambler.

”My mother chose that she required to gain us all away so that we can have a possibility at a much better life,” Mazie explained. ”She confirmed tremendous courage and also risk-taking. She confirmed me the one person can make a difference.”

She never ever saw her father again.

Mazie became a naturalized U.S. Citizen in 1959. ”As an immigrant, ns learned that a better future doesn’t just happen,” she tweeted in 2016. ”We should work to do the readjust we seek.”

Hirono graduated from Kaimuki High School.

In 1970, Mazie deserve a psychology level at the university of Hawaii in Manoa.

In 1978, she earned a law degree from Georgetown University regulation Center. ”I go to law school to develop the an abilities I would require to much more effectively advocate for others,” Hirono later wrote.

In 1980, she was chosen to Hawaii’s 12th residence district. ”When I very first ran because that office in 1980, over there weren’t that plenty of women running for office,” Hirona mental in a later on interview.

From 1980 come 1994, Mazie offered in the Hawaii residence of Representatives.

In 1994, Hirono was elected lieutenant governor of Hawaii.

From 2007 to 2013, she was a member that the U.S. House of Representatives.

In 2012, Hirono won the choice to the U.S. Senate, coming to be the very first Buddhist senator, the first female senator from Hawaii, and also the first Asian-American female.

”My being the just mrs here and only the 2nd minority woman ever to be elected to the Senate, ns think that states we have actually a means to go,” Hirono stated in an interview through Adrienne LaFrance in 2014. ”When i go home, i talk with the youngsters in Hawaii and also I say, ‘Do you recognize there’s just one human in the Senate that looks choose us?’”



Mazie Hirono – network Worth

Hirono earned most of her riches from serving as a us Senator from Hawaii since 2013. A us senator has an yearly salary the $174,000. In the 2012 campaign, she increased $5.2 million.

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Mazie served in the U.S. House of representatives from 2007 to 2013, in the Hawaii house of representatives from 1980 to 1994, and as a lieutenant governor of Hawaii.