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First up on our list is a fan favorite, the old "Mad Dog 20/20".Bottles ofthis particular flavor, Red Grape Wine, are pretty easy to find all around the state. I"ll be posting one or two reviews per week, so settle in and swig it!

Manufacturer: Mogen David Inc., New York

Price: $3.99 / 750ml.

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Alcohol Content: 13% - 18%

Presentation: 3/5 – Looks like a bottle of thick grape juice.

Taste: 3/5 – Tastes like a bottle of thick grape juice and a really bad merlot.

Burn: 2/5 – Bearable, but stronger in the 18% variety.

Buzz: 3/5 – Mild to moderate. Can’t drink it slow, it warms up fast.

Rarity: 1/5 – Found pretty much everywhere 20/20 is sold

Value: 3/5 – A good place to start for people used to “real” wine.

As the flagship “flavor” of MD, I was expecting pretty much what the name promised. Now, I’m not a big wine drinker, but I’m fairly certain that if your company needs to specify that your obviously red wine-product is made from red grapes then you probably have deeper issues to worry about than taste.

True to its name, this tastes like a shitty red table wine. I get the feeling that churches on the cheap might be slipping 20/20 into their chalices as I’ve had sacramental wines that are just a step above this brew. Interestingly enough, this is the only flavor of Mad Dog that comes in the kidney-blasting 18% variety. Unfortunately I was only able to acquire the weaker, 13% variety so this review lacks the full-bodied explosion of a true Mad Dog experience.Speaking of, my experience with this wine may be slightly tempered because MD 20/20 has a reputation for warming you up and I had a few chugs of the Dog right after I came in from shoveling snow on a particularly cold winter day. It did the trick better than hot chocolate or coffee could do and after a few draughts I was back in action and ready to roll.

20/20 definitely gets the blood flowing hot and heavy. My temperature rose after drinking this stuff, but it didn’t give me much of a buzz straight off. I had to get about halfway through the 750ml. bottle before things really started to take off. Even so, the buzz was fairly dynamic and I had to keep taking regular swigs to keep the flame alive. Luckily, it was a pretty easy drink and didn’t overpower with horrid aftertastes. MD 20/20 is definitely a drink for the drunk on the go. It comes in small, easily portable bottles that fit the hand well and with its toned-down flavors, seems well-suited to mobile bums.

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For all the other fruity flavors out there, Red Grape Wine was surprisingly drinkable and I ended up buying another bottle the following week. After the novelty of drinking “wine” to warm you up after shoveling the driveway wears off, however, you realize just how much this stuff sucks.