Microsoft is giving some pretty discounts top top the band 2 if you trade in your old smartwatch or fitness tracker. The agency is offering up to $250 when you profession in your old smartwatch or fitness tracker for the Microsoft band 2. Friend can obtain up to $250 on one Apple clock (the watch 38MM Stainless Steel situation – Milanese Loop, to it is in specific), $75 on a Fitbit charge HR, $25 ~ above the Sony SmartWatch 3, and $35 top top the Band.

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You can discover all the transaction here, and also the band 2 here. 

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AdDuplex: windows 11 look at a considerably uptick in user basic ahead of its launch

byRahulonSeptember 29, 2021


Microsoft surface ar Laptop go gets September 2021 firmware update



Deal Alert: Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated key-board is $40 cheaper today



Microsoft rolls earlier Cumulative update KB5005101 to fix application launch issue


Windows Theme: Download Microsoft’s latest “Ocean Plastic Mouse̶...



Deal Alert: Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated key-board is $40 cheaper today

Logitech K800 wireless keyboard is now selling at a discounted price at Amazon. You deserve to now get buy it in ~ a price allude of $60, under from its initial price suggest of $100 — that’s a ...

Deal Alert: Microsoft surface ar Pen is as soon as again offering at a discounted price

Awesome discount top top Microsoft surface Pen Platinum version 1776 is earlier on the Amazon USA website. You can now buy the surface ar Pen in ~ a price allude of $67.99, down from $99.99 — $32 discount...

Deal Alert: Google Pixel 4 heavily discounted in ~ Amazon

Amazon is now offering an awesome discount the $412 top top the unlocked Pixel 4 smartphone. The smartphone is now accessible at a price allude of $387, under from $799 — $412 cheaper 보다 the orig...

Deal Alert: The 13.5-inch Microsoft surface Laptop 3 is $249 cheaper today

The 13.5-inch Microsoft surface Laptop 3 Intel variant(i7+16GB+512GB) is now available at $1,749.99, under from $1,999 — that’s a directly $249 discount! The same amazing discount is...

Deal Alert: Samsung Galaxy S20 5G(renewed) is now at $399

Awesome discount top top Samsung Galaxy S20(renewed) smartphone is on the back! Although more than a year old, the smartphone is almost as an effective as the present flagship smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S2...

Deal Alert: Samsung Galaxy Buds pro truly wireless earbuds obtainable for $134

The Samsung Galaxy Buds agree is now obtainable for simply $134 native Woot, friend can discover the transaction here. The Galaxy Buds agree will work with all Bluetooth devices and can provide 5 hrs of battery ...

Deal Alert: awesome discount on surface Pro 7(128GB) form Cover Bundle is back!

An amazing discount the $232 top top the Microsoft surface Pro 7(i5, 8GB/128GB) kind Cover Bundle is back on the Amazon united state website. The surface Pro 7 kind Cover Bundle can now be bought at $797.99...

Deal Alert: Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones greatly discounted

Sony WH-1000XM3 noise-cancelling headphones are now selling in ~ a discounted price in ~ Amazon. You deserve to buy the black color variant that the Sony WH-1000XM3 at a price allude of $250, down from the orig...

Deal Alert: Logitech MX understand 2S Wireless mouse now in ~ $55

Logitech MX understand 2S Wireless computer mouse is $45 cheaper today. You deserve to now buy the wireless mouse at a price point of $54.99, down from $99.99. Therefore if you perform the math, it’s virtually $45 cheap...

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Deal Alert: huge discount top top unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra!

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is just one of the many premium handsets the you deserve to buy appropriate now. And what’s even better is that the S21 Ultra is now $300 cheaper today. You deserve to now to buy the 256...

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