As the this previous week, the sixth Inning regimen went live in MLB The show 20. It brings a brand brand-new Conquest Map together with it, permitting gamers to try to gain territories from other teams. Similar to other maps, there are also new Conquest Map concealed Rewards along the way.Here’s a overview to the new map and where to i found it those rewards.

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What is the brand-new MLB The display 20 conquest Map?

Over the past few days, we’ve watched new 6th Inning content and also Opening Weekend promotion for MLB The Show. The 6th Inning is the latest installment in the programs the arrive frequently all season. It lugged a brand-new Blake Treinen Diamond card via Player Programs, along with brand-new Headliners collection packs.

Of course, the bigger goal is to rack up enough sixth Inning program (points) to obtain one the those high-rated Diamond bosses. You’ll need a total of 900.

Completing the MLB The display 20 conquest Map can aid with that. By perfect the map, you get 30 Programs. Top top the brand-new map, you’ll take your Diamond empire team right into battle against four MLB teams. They are the Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies, and also Atlanta Braves.

You can earn MLB The show Stubs, XP, and pack rewards by completing various goals.

Goal 1 – steal 3M fans (250 Stubs, 300 XP, yellow The present Pack)Goal-2 – overcome 60 territories (200 Stubs, 300 XP)Goal 3 – record 2 opponent Strongholds (350 Stubs, 400 XP)Goal-4 – gain 100M fans (400 Stubs, 500 XP)Goal 5 – catch all Strongholds ~ above the map. (300 Stubs, 300 XP, Ballin Is A Habit Pack)Goal-6 – dominate all territories on 6th Inning conquest Map (1,000 Stubs, 1,200 XP, and also 10 The present Packs)

In addition, you can uncover surprise Rewards ~ above the map, i beg your pardon are frequently packs. Examine out the following section for much more details ~ above that.

Where room the hidden Rewards top top the map?

The new MLB The present 20 occupation Map for 6th Inning has actually eight pack rewards hidden roughly the territories. They encompass the complying with packs:

Headliners set 12Ballin Is A HabitDucks PackMLB The display PackProspects collection 35 MLB The show PacksDiamond FieldMLB The show Pack

Thanks to a new video indigenous GomesDaLegend ~ above YouTube, here’s a look at where all of those packs are found on the map.

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In Gomes’ YouTube video, friend can also get a look at whereby the hidden Rewards room on the new Conquest Map. Gomes provides his thoughts on that map and also some the the various other new 6th Inning routine details.