Monster Hunter people is pretty great at guiding you through the beforehand quests and helping you know the games" mechanics. Unfortunately, that assistance goes silent midway once you reach the "Investigate the Unknown Monster Tracks" quest. In this overview you"ll discover a simple foolproof accuse for proceeding the High location monster hunts.Since you"ve reached this stage in the game, this short article does contain details around High Rank pursuits which would otherwise it is in spoilers. V the all clear, let"s obtain down to the overview with a recap on how you got here.Recap: Unlocking High RankAt this allude in time you"ll have defeated the projects final BOSS, the great Zorah Magdaros, and then directly after a harder variation of Pukei-Pukei. High location is instantly unlocked because that you, along with new armour set (Alpha and Beta), high rank quests, investigations and tonnes of other end-game content.A short cutscene plays ago at the Astera, through the council saying:"Since we resolved the an enig surrounding Zorah Magdaros, I have received some alarming news." the goes on come say "The field team reports the they"re observing a change in monster behaviour, specific invading various other territories."A brand-new objective brand-new appears:
"Investigate the unknown monster tracks"- find for Rathian tracksNaturally you would certainly assume that this search is simply a case of return to every of the maps and also finding this unknown monster tracks? WRONG!

How to discover Rathian

The real key to advancing is to understand that Capcam space throwing you off the odor here, in an effort to sluggish you down. Think about it, you"ve just unlocked High Rank and also certainly aren"t prepared for those fights yet!Therefore the means to development is come simply proceed engaging in various other quests, monster fights etc.

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As you finish each the these, the meter because that the "Investigate the unknown monster tracks" in reality fills up itself, whether you uncover these mysterious tracks or not.
Eventually, the meter reaches a phase where a brand-new quest unlocks and the monsters beginning is revealed. Now it"s time to enter that High rank fight, hopefully totally prepared v Alpha or Beta gear.I hope that this simple guide has actually helped save you part time - I understand for one that ns was going a small mad do the efforts to work this one out!