Chris is joined by trip nurse Alli Leduc of Enloe FlightCare because that a good discussion around the prestige of communicating with your partner. Alli shares a breathtaking story about caring for she friend and partner Ryan in his own brush through death. We would love for you to subscribe and also rate Mind body Medic on iTunes or various other podcast apps! we can’t phone call you just how much we appreciate you listening and also joining in on the discussion!


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C1 inhibitor deficiency angio edema

Medscape C1 Angio Edema

Enloe trip Care



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illustration 43 - 14 job to better Epinephrine
Debunking the continuing Controversy through Ketamine...
About the author

Chris Meeks

Chris Meeks is a trip Paramedic because that Tulsa Lifeflight and critical care paramedic training officer. Chris has discovered a love because that investing in others and creating meaningful, insightful contents that obstacles the listener to evaluate your mental and also physical health.

To contact Chris: chris.meeks

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