Get come the Rift v CassandraAfter the opening cinematic, pick the dialogue the conveys her emotional state once prompted. As soon as you have the right to move your character, head down the path and also through the door at the end. Continue down the path to the left to trigger an additional cut-scene. As soon as the enemies attack, help Cassandra take it them out, then choose your following dialogue choice.Continue down the path and pick up the prey (a helmet) by the fallen soldier ahead. Keep complying with the path, then drop under to the left when two much more Lesser Shades attack. Take the end the foes then head come the left to find loot and a do Elfroot at the finish of the path. Continue down the path in opposing direction to find another Lesser shade ahead. Loss the enemy, climate head increase the hill to the left to connect the Wraith at the top. When the Wraith is down, go back to the lower area and also head to the far end to find much more loot and also another Elfroot.As you make your method down the path, another Lesser Shade and also two Wraiths attack. Turn off to the ideal are an additional Lesser Shade and also Wraith. Take them down, then head to the far end of the area to find one more Elfroot. Turn around and also up the stairs to the right. When you with the top, walk left at the fork and also engage the enemies ahead to trigger another cut-scene.

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Reach the front CampJump end the wood ahead and also continue under the course until you with the next set of enemies. You now confront a better Shade, Lesser Shade and also two Wraiths. Have actually your ranged classes assault the two Wraiths when Cassandra focuses on the higher Shade and also you begin with the Lesser Shade, then move on come the Wraiths. By the end of the fight everyone must be focused on the higher Shade.Your target is up the stairs to the ideal of the surrounding house. Scan the area to find an ext Elfroot nearby. However, prior to you move on, if you drop under onto the froze river and also head to the left you"ll find more loot. Once you reach the camp website at the end of the path to the left, take down more Shades, then choose up the accessory and also iron near the fire.Head ago to the stairs close to the house to proceed your journey. Take the end the Wraiths and also Shades at the peak of the stairs, then continue up the hill, adhering to the course to an additional group that enemies. Defeat them, then connect with the rift to close it.Speak through LelianaOpen the gate ahead and refill your potions at the it is provided cache if needed. Open the chest top top the right side the the leg to uncover loot, climate run towards the center of the leg to initiate another cut-scene. Move through the dialogue. If you pick to take the hill path monitor the "Reach the temple through the mountain path" route. If you select to charge through the soldiers follow the "charge forward to the holy place with the soldiers" route. It"s recommended to take it the "Reach the temple through the mountain path" route to conserve the soldiers and collect much more loot.Reach the temple through the hill pathClimb up the collection of ladders straight ahead. When you reach the optimal head to the left and also into the hill to strike the Shades ahead. Proceed up the stirs directly ahead, then continue roughly the corner to the right. Watch in the very first room top top the ideal to uncover loot top top the ground and a chest.In the cloudy open up area ahead, look to the right to find much more loot in 2 corners that the room. Make your means up the stairs to the left to connect the Shade and two Wraiths that attack. Choose up the prey in the area come the left then head increase the stairs to the right. Take out the Shades and Wraiths ahead, climate seal the rift.Enter the templeAfter one more short conversation cut-scene, pick up the loot near your feet, climate head under the course to the right. Climb down the ladders ahead and make your way toward the waypoint. When you reach the entrance to the temple, jump under to the "Enter the temple" section.Charge forward to the temple with the soldiersHead under the path and also up the stairs. Once you with the peak of the very first set the stairs head to the right to find a chest through loot. Continue up the next collection of stairs and take out the Wraiths and Shades that attack. Once all of the opponents are down, communicate the rift ahead to seal it. If you hold-up in sealing the rift Terrors will certainly come through and attack. Move through the conversation that follows the battle, then choose up the loot simply ahead ~ the cut-scene.Enter the templeHead towards the opened ahead and pick increase the loot directly in prior of it. Move down the stairs and also around the corner to initiate an additional short cut-scene.

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Find a means down to the riftHead come the right and follow the path approximately the corner. Go under the stairs in ~ the finish of the path, climate drop down close to the rift to see one more cut-scene. Boss Battle: pride Demon

HP: 13,821


Electricity ResistanceImmunity: Asleep, Frozen, Paralyzed, physics EffectsPerceptive

The crucial to battling versus the pride Demon is come make sure the main character proceeds to communicate with the rift. If the health bar of the pride Demon is grey, it cannot be damaged. This occurs at the really beginning that the fight, then periodically throughout. As soon as this happens, target the rift and also interact through it to stun the boss and allow you to inflict damage. Execute not stand straight in prior of the boss to protect against its straight lightning attack. When the adds appear, disregard them unless they"re attacking your character if trying to connect with the rift.Return to the Dragon Age: Inquisition Walkthrough, or proceed to The threat Remains.

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