there’s dozens of stories about some child from our world falling into a different, miracle one, gift the chosen one or the nearby companion that the liked one and saving the world, and then going residence where they’re happy to check out their family again and have a new appreciation the their own life. But what around someone that didn’t miss out on it? what if you conserve the world and also you’re given your medal and stripped the the magic girlfriend learned and put ago in a civilization you never ever missed? and also you’re furious.

maybe you provided up a few years of her life. You have callouses and muscles and also a few scars and also maybe a missing eye or something. You absolutely have part blood on your hands. You can have PTSD girlfriend can’t speak to anyone about. And also suddenly you’re fifteen again, in a body that’s also soft and too short and also too complete.

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you’re constantly cold because there’s no magic burn in her veins anymore, and even as you grow up the feeling of not fitting doesn’t go away due to the fact that when you look in the winter at eighteen girlfriend look all wrong: this is not what youre supposed to look prefer at eighteen. The skies clouds and you rub at the phantom ache of injuries this body never received. You wake up screaming periodically remembering the sorcerer who burnt your hand to ashes, or the final fight you almost didn’t do it through, or the minute you feel the magic in you go out.

but here’s the thing: they took you and made you into a weapon that was determined enough and an effective enough to save a totality world. They can put you ago where they uncovered you but they can’t undo everything. And there’s this, too: the place between worlds clings come you. Friend can’t tease fire the end of the air however you have the right to feel the pull of the doorways all the time, although none so far go to your world.

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but you shot to do it occupational for a decade, anyway. You’re dutiful. But one night you leave work-related late and also for the thousandth time you capture yourself searching the skies for firebirds. And also you break. That the 3 portals within 5 hundred miles, one is a howling, frozen wasteland and one is a deep violet void, yet one opens right into a misty forest that you step into and also don’t look at back. It’s no your world, however if you save going lengthy enough, you’ll gain there.

(and probably much, lot later, hundreds of people later, you climb v a window, or a door of woven branches int he middle a field, or push aside a curtain, and also as you set foot on brand-new land you feeling the fire in her veins and also sparks at her fingertips and also finally, finally, you’re home)