MUSICAL THRONES: A Parody of Ice and Fire brings Westeros come Philadelphia Philadelphia Theatre firm (PTC) heats up winter through dragon fire,dramatic power-struggles and bloodthirsty violence as Musical Thrones: A Parody that Ice and Fire renders a prevent in the City the Brotherly Love on its 30 city nationwide tour February 9-10, 2018. This hilarious send-up the HBO"s wildly renowned series, i m sorry is heading into its last season, will take facility stage at Philadelphia Theatre firm at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre (480 S. Broad Street). Tickets room on sale because that $25-$45 in ~, in ~ the box-office, or by calling 215-985-0420."Game of Thrones is a world-wide cultural phenomenon through fans of every age," stated PTC Producing creative Director Paige Price. "What far better way is there to introduce theatre to brand-new audiences than v a Thrones parody? one of our purposes for this season was to current a broader variety of alternatives to Philadelphia theatre-goers and also we room intentionally providing shows because that audiences who may never have considered stepping v our doors. We want audiences to know that live theatre is because that everyone. Plus, it"s my feeling that the world could use a little bit of fun these days!"

Philadelphia Theatre firm is heading to Westeros! While they wait for the eighth season, fans of the most-talked-about present on tv will gain their fantasy deal with live-on-stage through this hilarious new parody. Written by the comic madmen behind the long-running Silence! The Musical, Jon and Al Kaplan, music Thrones: A Parody the Ice and also Fire brings the show"s most beloved (and be-hated) personalities to life together audiences journey v the first seven seasons of the Emmy Award-winning "Game the Thrones" series. Audiences will sing and also dance together with Daenerys and also her dragons, Joffrey and the jolly members the the Lannister and also Stark families in this love letter come fans.The audience will imagine us transported to Thrones"s magical places where bloodthirsty musical theatre comics leaving no hoax unturned in offer up the show"s infamous violence, power struggles, manipulation and also sex - plus, a ballad or 2 to add to the roast."Loyal fans wait for the brand-new and last Thones season can laugh in addition to us together we journey through the last seven," added Price. "Seven seasons, five actors, one dragon and also 90 minutes of outrageous fun make because that a display not to it is in missed."

Performances of musical Thrones: A Parody that Ice and also Fire will run:Friday, February 9, 2018, 8:00pmSaturday, February 10, 2018, 3:00pmSaturday, February 10, 2018, 8:00pmIn in between the Saturday performances, Rittenhouse and also Center City bars will additionally host a distinct Thrones-themed bar crawl in conjunction v the show. Craft principles Group and also Cinder will help organize, with details to it is in announced.Tickets space on sale currently staring in ~ $25, or starting at $19 v a brand-new PTC theatre membership. Membership and ticket details is easily accessible by visiting SEASON CONTINUESPhiladelphia Theatre agency continues its meeting to share the unique American experience and also presents an interesting festival-style theatre season under the management of new Producing imaginative Director Price. The ambitious 2017-2018 line-up consists of plays, music, comedy, and also political commentary and also features height local and also national voices. With Price at the helm that the company, PTC starts a bold new chapter for the ground-breaking organization."We desire PTC to it is in a location for the exploration of theatre and the location you seek out for finely wrought plays and also musicals," claimed Price. "We have already begun the season planning procedure for following year."

The season began with the human being Premiere that Bob Garfield"s Ruggedly Jewish, catalen Turner"s cabaret debut, Finding my Voice and Aaron Davidman"s wrestles Jerusalem. The season proceeds with the Upright citizens Brigade Touring company in a completely improvised comedy present (December 1 - 2); a sing-along A Dream Is A Wish: Princess vacation Concert (December 17); and also the Off-Broadway fight play, small Mouth sound (March 13 - April 1).ABOUT JON and Al Kaplan, WRITERS and also COMPOSERSJon Kaplan and Al Kaplan are brothers who room composers, lyricists and writers. They created Silence! The Musical, a stage version of The quiet of the Lambs that has actually played in London, new York City and also Los Angeles, and the YouTube channel Legolambs, which attributes musicalizations of assorted Arnold Schwarzenegger movie such as Conan the Barbarian, Predator and also Commando. Jon and Al also co-wrote and also scored the movie Zombeavers (2014). The brothers moved to Los Angeles in 1996 to examine concert composition and film music at USC, graduating in 1999 and also 2000, respectively. Jon and also Al produced Silence! The Musical together a job of love in so late 2002. What began as a set of ripe songs eventually became a website v a cult complying with in 2003. Silence! was extended in magazines including Entertainment Weekly and Maxim, and also aired ~ above radio shows choose XM"s Opie and Anthony and Howard Stern"s 100. In 2005, Jon and also Al composed several brand-new songs and expanded Silence! right into a live musical.

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A screenplay that Silence! The Musical, to be then adapted for the phase by Tony-nominee Hunter Bell; and also show was an installed by director and Tony-winner Christopher Gattelli at the 2005 NYC Fringe festival, whereby it won the "Overall Excellence Award" for outstanding Musical. In 2010, Silence! re-opened in London in ~ the over the Stag Theatre and also had a successful run. The adhering to summer, the display opened off Broadway in ~ Theatre 80 to rave reviews. The run was prolonged for three months, after i m sorry Silence! moved to The 9th space Theater at Performance space 122, and subsequently come the Elektra Theatre on 8th Ave. And also 42nd Street. The show also played a three-and-a half-month operation at the Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles in the loss of 2012, and went top top to success a Los Angeles Drama movie critics Circle award for impressive Score. In enhancement to Silence!, Jon and Al have composed completely unfunny music because that the NBC truth show beginning Over; a man Ford quiet film entitled simply Pals, i beg your pardon was had in the Ford at Fox DVD box Set; and a collection of Walt Disney internet advertisements. The Kaplans additionally wrote two seasons worth of at sight Nintendo-style underscore for G4"s cartoon series Code Monkeys. In 2009, the brothers created comedy (not music) because that the MTV Movie Awards, and also arranged Andy Samberg"s "Lonely Island Medley," which to be performed by LeAnn Rimes, kris Isaak and Forest Whitaker. Jon and Al next scored The Hills have Thighs, the controversial erotic film the aired ~ above HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and also TMC, and the Syfy Channel original movies Piranhaconda and Dinocroc Vs. Supergator. In 2015, the film Zombeavers, scored and co-written by Jon and also Al, to be released in restricted theaters in the U.S. And on VOD, ~ an global release in 2014. In their spare time, the Kaplans have ongoing to seek their first love of writing unstageable theater works, creating a collection of viral video clip musicals on your Legolambs channel including Conan the Barbarian: The Musical and also The Thing: The Musical.

ABOUT Philadelphia Theatre CompanyPhiladelphia Theatre company (PTC) is a leading regional theater company that produces, develops, and presents entertaining and also imaginative modern-day theater concentrated on the American experience. PTC balances that Philadelphia roots with a national point of watch that combine a taste for adventure v a dedication to brand-new American plays and musicals.Founded in 1974, PTC has presented 140 world and Philadelphia premieres. More than 50 percent the PTC"s people premieres have moved on to new York and other major cities, help to earn Philadelphia a national reputation as a hub for brand-new play development.

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PTC has received more than 180 nominations and 53 awards from the Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theatre. In 2007, PTC was instrumental in broadening Philadelphia"s thriving social corridor by opening the Suzanne Roberts Theatre top top the way of the Arts.