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Seems every little thing I buy these daysHas got a foreign nameFrom the sort of auto I driveTo my video clip gameI got a NIKKON cameraA Sony color Tee VeeBut the one that ns love is from the U.S.A.And standing beside me.My baby is American MadeBorn and bred in the U.S.A.From her silky lengthy hair to she sexy lengthy legsMy baby is American Made.She looks great in her tight blue jeansShe purchase in MexicoAnd she loves attract French perfumeEverywhere us goBut as soon as it concerns the lovin" partOne thing is trueMy baby"s real U.S.A.Red White and BlueMy baby is American MadeOh yes she isBorn and also bred in the U.S.A.From she silky long hair to her sexy long legsMy infant is American Made.My baby is American MadeBorn and also bred in the U.S.A.From her silky lengthy hair to she sexy long legsMy infant is American Made.
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