My surname is Nathan Fielder and also I graduated from among Canada’s top service schools through really good grades. Currently I’m using my understanding to help struggling little business owners make the in this compete world. This is Nathan for you.

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In situation you space unfamiliar through this witty TV intro or are not a dedicated fan prefer me. Nathan Fielder is a comedian, actor, and also writer indigenous Vancouver, Canada. His an individual TV show titled Nathan because that you is a dry, cringy, uncomfortable however a watchable experience. Nathan come up through obscurely creative ideas to lure attention to small businesses about LA. His outrageous marketing strategies result in awkward yet hilarious interactions with clients, countless viewers may also question if this male is real. Nathan Fielder is maybe the dumbest business genius out there, so here are 5 the his best ideas throughout the four seasons that his show.

Creating a agency Called Dumb Starbucks to Attract much more Business than the Starbucks Franchise (season 2 illustration 5)

A coffee shop in eastern Hollywood is struggling to entice business. After ~ doing part legal research study Nathan is identified to rebrand the shop under the parody law and also by stating it together an art gallery to avoid acquiring sued, thus creating Dumb Starbucks. The new Dumb Starbucks menu featured items dubbed Dumb venti coffee, Dumb vanilla latte, and also even Dumb Starbucks CD”s. The opening day appeared to be unsuccessful, until recording the media’s fist on the nationwide news the next day. Dumb Starbucks flooded through customers and lines the end the door. In the end, Dumb Starbucks had to be shut down yet at least it succeeded for the struggling coffee shop.

New odor of Frozen Yogurt for the win! presenting poo Flavored Yogurt (season 1 episode 1)

After continuously finding your frozen yogurt shop empty, Yogurt Haven, in Eagle Rock, California looks to Nathan for some brand-new marketing strategies to encourage business. Through a mission to to fill the save with customers, the setup was to produce a crazy new flavor come get civilization talking around Yogurt Haven. Poo.



To aid out gas terminal owner Daniel, Nathan advertises for the cheapest gas in the country of $1.75 per gallon after rebate. In stimulate to receive the rebate, customers should drop it turn off in person at a location of Nathans choice which is on the peak of Mt. Chileo, only obtainable by foot in the Angeles nationwide forest. Prove to be a hit through a line of customers waiting for gas, the lucky world who want to case their rebate, spend a entirety day with Nathan hiking and uncovering a series of riddles. Later transforming into an overnight camping trip, the team of strangers bond and also forget about the $13 rebate just to realize the true meaning of friendship. Don’t miss out because this episode also offers advice indigenous gas station owner Daniel, on the services of drink his grandson’s pee.

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Sue Stanford is a actual estate agent in the LA area and also competition lately has been tough. Nathans’s goal is to make sure Sue the many sought after genuine estate certified dealer in LA. What better way to accomplish this than specializing in an underrepresented team of homebuyers. Civilization who think in ghosts. By rebranding Sue together the ghost realtor, human being would not have to worry about houses gift haunted prior to making a purchase. In order to Validate the residence listings on being ghost-free, Nathan has her pair up through a psychic to navigate the understanding of ghost neurosoup.orgs. One exorcism is also performed in this episode!

New fitness workout: The motion (season 3 episode 3)

City that Angels is a moving firm in the LA area. Yet owner David is having a difficult time staying profitable. By making a convincing argument that relocating boxes space a much better workout than going to the gym. Nathans’s arrangement is come make relocating boxes America’s next biggest fitness heat by cultivating the City that Angels Moving agency as the head that the movement.