Is over there a mod or miscellaneous that provides this in reality playable? i can't imagine who thought this was funny as the is. No issue how much ahead girlfriend get, you constantly get bodied by the various other villagers near the end.

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I had a rough time through it till I establish you deserve to use her horse and also can pick them up while mounted, so you deserve to speed around and also get fat stacks and no one has any kind of hope of beating you.

It doesn't issue if you win that one, ns got first place top top my first try due to the fact that i have actually a vivid llama; the price for very first place is like, triple the ghost title you accumulated which isn't a ton.

You deserve to go come the haunted cavern alone or v a date and as long as friend kill part ghost and finish in less than 5 min. Girlfriend will gain 50+ badges and also a an excellent chunk of mood if you lug a date.

I think this occasion is by much my most-hated. Ns literally restarted the job 8 time to get the achievement, it took a the majority of practice because that me (tbf, it takes a many practice for me to carry out most any kind of of the mini-games). And also since it's held at the finish of the day, you have a many waiting roughly if you reload. (I commonly speeded the moment in game options until I gained to the festival, then slowed it ago to 50% rate for the hunt) ns learned sufficient to gain the achievement, finally, and now i don't worry about it. If I want ghost badges, I'll execute speed runs in the cave, you acquire a lot of more. Here's some tips that ns hope will certainly help:

Pick up a soaker gun in ~ the table close to the Peach Plaza door entrance (I couldn't find it the first year)

Definitely drive a mount; friend don't must dismount to collect the badges, for this reason you can usually acquire there ahead of the remainder of the townspeople

When they drop brand-new badges, there room pillars the light that shoot increase in the sky to show where they are. ~ a while of act it, you can see that the badges gain dropped in the exact same places, however when they're reduce is random. You deserve to see and also reach a fair number of them approximately the broke down Wasteland gate area.

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Keep one eye ~ above the peak 3; blast the ones ahead of you through the soaker gun. Girlfriend don't get their badges, yet they shed what they're holding, relocating you up in the standings

Once you've gathered 10 (for the achievement), hide over by the central Plaza gate. No one goes that far because no badges space dropped end there, yet you're close sufficient to a couple of the autumn spots if they come up.