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CoreScore is a 0-100 score that indicates exactly how chosen a tire is based upon reviews and also ratings from owners.

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all-seakid versatility for snow-covered roadways for roads from gravel / rock / soil

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CoreScore 80:Participation of the tire models in experienced tire tests and also their test scores.Consumer reviews on the top tire selling websites.We gather such information as the numbers ofreviews and the ultimate score of the tire design on numerous tire-associated websites such asamazon, tirerack, oponeo, simpletire, market.yandex, tyrereviews, and others.Reviews written by the tourists to our webwebsite neurosoup.org.

Value, max: 100

Popularity of the model 29:Year of manufacture.The number of times the tire was connected in experienced tire tests.The reality of the tire being on the bestseller lists on such considered websites as amazon, tirerack,oponeo, simpletire, and others.

Value, max: unlimitedValue, average: 27


We spent numerous hrs reading reviews from specialists and tire owners. In summary, this is whatpeoplethink around Nankang AT-5. You deserve to agree with these conclusionsbyvoting for any kind of item:

– The satisfied chauffeurs stated that with this collection of tires handling was smooth and also their vehicle was quiet.

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Built to take care of a selection of conditions, the NANKANG CONQUEROR AT-5 is a great alternative for motorists that want a functional tire capable of driving on hard terrain. The alpine noting on the AT-5’s sidewall signifies its prrange ability to percreate reliably on scurrently or icy roads. It is also pinned for studs to enable additional winter traction. 50,000 mile warranty and also significant service emblem.

Large voids and also circumferential grooves facilitate water and also dirt evacuation to boost all-terrain performance and boost wet tractivity and handlingSpecial high-technology silica compound has actually been integrated into ALL LT sizes, which gives remarkable grip, durability, tractivity and preventing performance in wet and winter conditionsRugged shoulders and also serrated sidewall design provides added off-road gripAll E/10 Light Truck sizes have reinrequired 3 ply sidewall to administer additional affect protection and boosted abrasion resistance