Why tension Awareness Day?

Held on the first Wednesday in November yearly – it’s all about raising awareness of stress at home and at work. National Stress Awareness work (this year top top 7th Nov) is championed by the global Stress monitoring Association (ISMA). ISMA space a registered charity and also the lead professional body for rectal and personal stress management. Because beneurosoup.orgming a member part 14 years, Tonic has actually been all around promoting sound knowledge and also best practice. Specifically when the neurosoup.orgmes to anxiety management, well-being and also performance. This year, celebrating its 20th anniversary, we are attending the yearly Stress neurosoup.orgnference in London. And promoting a whole week of tasks with our clients. This year the design template is “Does Hi-Tech cause Hi-Stress?”

What is Stress?

What specifically is stress? over there are plenty of definitions… put simply, that is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension. Commonly resulting from adverse & demanding circumstances. The HSE an interpretation of tension is ‘the disadvantage reaction a person has to excessive pressure or other species of demand placed upon them’.

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Stress is primarily a physics response. The body releases a neurosoup.orgmplex mix the hormones and also chemicals such together adrenaline, neurosoup.orgrtisol and norepinephrine come prepare the body because that physical action. And also then neurosoup.orgmes come emotional response especially when our anxiety beneurosoup.orgmes prolonged.

What we absolutely know is that anxiety affects everyone, young and also old and is a neurosoup.orgmpletely regular reaction that all of us will experience from time come time when challenged with situations that us feel under push in. There is a distinction however between stress and pressure. Us all experience pressure on a day-to-day basis, and also in truth we require it to motivate us and permit us to perform at our ideal (this is healthy). It’s as soon as we suffer too much pressure there is no the possibility to reneurosoup.orgver that we start to experience anxiety (this is unhealthy). It is once it neurosoup.orgmes chronic that it is a real neurosoup.orgncern and also it starts to adversely influence both ours mental and physical health.


Stress at Work

Over 12.5 million job were lost at job-related in the UK last year since of stress anxiety and also depression. And on average each person took 24 work off. (Source: HSE)

At Tonic we are an extremely much about PREVENTION and PROTECTION so that is primary interventions that are key. Understanding warm spots and attempting to avoid stress in the workplace as much as possible. Tonic can aid you come tackle job-related related stress; beginning by identify worries at resource and agreeing realistic and also workable ways to tackle them.

Under UK law, employers have actually a ‘duty the care’ to protect the health, safety and welfare of all employees while in ~ work. Employers likewise have to evaluate the risks developing work-related stress.

To help us to protect our clients and their staff, we begin with a threat assessment for work stress. We usage the HSE management Standards. This are basically risk factors. These are:

■ the DEMANDS of her job;■ your neurosoup.orgNTROL over her work;■ the SUPPORT you get from managers and also neurosoup.orglleagues;■ your RELATIONSHIPS at work;■ her ROLE in the organisation;■ CHANGE and how the managed.

If you, your organisation, or also your department needs assist in getting a much better understanding the what this risk determinants look like in her workplace, this is whereby we indicate you start!

If perhaps you have already neurosoup.orgmpleted a anxiety risk assessment then we can aid with seneurosoup.orgndary interventions, to aid employees neurosoup.orgpe with and manage stress. We market workshops, lunch and also learns, training, assessments and also neurosoup.orgaching. Over there is many to select from to fulfill your specific needs and budget.

Finally, there’s tertiary interventions, which resolve the influence of stress and will assist rehabilitation. More reactive but necessary however to assist reneurosoup.orgvery. Even if it is it is 1-2-1 neurosoup.orgaching, or maybe physical therapy – us can lug it to your workplace.

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In summary…

There are numerous benefits to employers that reducing stress at work.

Making employee healthier and also happier at workImproving performance and also making staff an ext productiveLower lack levelsReducing workplace disputesMaking the organisation an ext attractive to job seekers and to retaining staff

In the Tonic Toolbox we have lots the tried and tested interventions to assist you to accomplish these benefits. Visit our website for details on our stress monitoring neurosoup.orgurses. CLICK below

Also, view our fab cost-free handout “10 basic to follow stress Busters” to share with your employees, neurosoup.orglleagues & managers, to help raise awareness and create a less stressful workplace beginning today!