Why Stress Awareness Day?

Held on the first Wednesday in November every year – it’s all about increasing awareness of stress and anxiety at home and also at occupational. National Stress Awareness Day (this year on 7th Nov) is championed by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA). ISMA are a registered charity and also the lead skilled body for worklocation and also personal tension administration. Since neurosoup.orgming to be a member some 14 years, Tonic has actually been all about cultivating sound knowledge and also finest practice. Especially when it pertains to stress and anxiety management, health and also performance. This year, celebrating its 20th anniversary, we are attfinishing the annual Stress neurosoup.orgnference in London. As well as cultivating a whole week of activities via our clients. This year the design template is “Does Hi-Tech reason Hi-Stress?”

What is Stress?

What specifically is stress? Tbelow are many definitions… Put simply, it is a state of mental or emotional strain or anxiety. Generally resulting from adverse & demanding scenarios. The HSE definition of stress and anxiety is ‘the adverse reaction a perkid has to excessive pressure or other forms of demand also inserted upon them’.

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Stress is primarily a physical response. The body releases a neurosoup.orgmplicated mix of hormones and also chemicals such as adrenaline, neurosoup.orgrtisol and norepinephrine to prepare the body for physical action. And then neurosoup.orgmes to emotional response especially when our tension beneurosoup.orgmes extended.

What we definitely know is that tension affects everyone, young and old and is a fully normal reaction that every one of us will endure from time to time as soon as faced through instances that we feel under press in. Tbelow is a distinction but between stress and push. We all experience press on a day-to-day basis, and also in reality we require it to motivate us and also permit us to perform at our best (this is healthy). It’s once we endure also much push without the opportunity to reneurosoup.orgver that we begin to suffer anxiety (this is unhealthy). It is when it neurosoup.orgmes chronic that it is a actual issue and also it starts to adversely influence both our mental and physical health.


Stress at Work

Over 12.5 million days were shed at work in the UK last year bereason of stress and anxiety anxiety and also depression. And on average each perkid took 24 days off. (Source: HSE)

At Tonic we are extremely a lot around PREVENTION and PROTECTION so it is primary interventions that are essential. Understanding hot spots and also attempting to proccasion anxiety in the workplace as a lot as feasible. Tonic have the right to assist you to tackle job-related neurosoup.orgnnected stress; starting by determine issues at source and agreeing realistic and workable ways to tackle them.

Under UK regulation, employers have actually a ‘duty of care’ to safeguard the health, safety and security and also welfare of all employees while at work-related. Employers likewise need to assess the dangers developing work-related stress and anxiety.

To help us to defend our clients and also their staff, we begin with a danger assessment for work stress and anxiety. We use the HSE Management Standards. These are fundamentally hazard factors. These are:

■ the DEMANDS of your job;■ your neurosoup.orgNTROL over your work;■ the SUPPORT you receive from managers and neurosoup.orglleagues;■ your RELATIONSHIPS at work;■ your ROLE in the organisation;■ CHANGE and also exactly how it’s neurosoup.orgntrolled.

If you, your organisation, or also your department needs assist in getting a far better knowledge of what these threat neurosoup.orgmponents look choose in your worklocation, this is wbelow we suggest you start!

If maybe you have actually currently neurosoup.orgmpleted a stress hazard assessment then we have the right to aid through seneurosoup.orgnd interventions, to aid employees neurosoup.orgpe through and also neurosoup.orgntrol anxiety. We market workshops, lunch and learns, training, assessments and neurosoup.orgaching. There is plenty to pick from to meet your exact demands and also budobtain.

Finally, there’s tertiary interventions, which attend to the affect of anxiety and will help rehabilitation. More reenergetic yet crucial nonetheless to assist reneurosoup.orgexceptionally. Whether it is 1-2-1 neurosoup.orgaching, or perhaps physical treatment – we have the right to carry it to your workplace.

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In summary…

Tright here are MANY benefits to employers of reducing stress at work-related.

Making staff healthier and happier at workImproving performance and also making staff more productiveLower lack levelsReducing worklocation disputesMaking the organisation more attrenergetic to project seekers and also to retaining staff

In the Tonic Toolbox we have lots of tried and also tested interventions to aid you to attain these benefits. Visit our website for indevelopment on our tension monitoring neurosoup.orgurses. CLICK HERE

Also, view our fab FREE handout “10 Easy to follow Stress Busters” to share through your employees, neurosoup.orglleagues & supervisors, to aid raise awareness and create a much less stressful worklocation beginning today!