Now that we all have actually soft samplers, is over there still a market for one devoted to drums?


ByMusic Radar Team20 November 2007


Our Verdict

A an excellent price is the cherry on height of Battery"s wonderful cake. All in all, a must-have instrument for anyone who supplies beats in their music (that"d it is in everyone, then).

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It"s same to say the the bulk of contemporary music is "sound-driven", and also nowhere is this truer 보다 in the area the beats. As soon as you"re placing your win together, any type of limitations in your software will quickly come to be apparent. For this reason what"s the answer? quite simply, a job-specific tool, and in this case that method a drum machine. Native Instruments" Battery is one of the ideal examples; currently at version 3, it"s created itself together something of one "MPC" because that the software application generation.

To reduced right to the chase, Battery 3 is crucial update. The sampling engine has been revised and also a bunch that improvements bring the software right up to date. As before, it works standalone and also as a plug-in ~ above PC and also Mac, however it currently comes with a 12GB sample library that has over 100 preset kits. The Battery user interface is still dominated by a customisable cabinet matrix, but this have the right to now include up to 128 cells.

Other brand-new features include a tide editor, cell-specific timestretching, better cell effects and also a brand-new master multi-effects section. If you tires of the had library, you can conveniently expand Battery 3, for it supports a plethora that sampler formats. The can likewise now handle sliced loops, including those in the to apologize Loops and Acid formats.

On the power front, new features include a humanise option and a choice of drumming articulations. Favor a number of its stablemates, Battery 3 has likewise been provided a intuitive overhaul - the angular, clinical look of previously versions is gone. NI have included colour-coding choices to make cell allocations an ext obvious, and also revamped the browsing and loading options. If every one of this sound a bit much, or you"re simply new to Battery, eight step-by-step video clip tutorials are consisted of to acquire you going.

The updates

Just together in version 2, Battery"s workspace is divided in between the abovementioned cell matrix and also the modify pane, through the grasp section running along the top. This renders for a basic layout, and if girlfriend want, assorted parts deserve to be "folded away". Factory kits are loaded indigenous the understand section or via the full web browser tab at the bottom of the screen (kits indigenous all three versions of Battery space grouped in their very own sub-menus).

Once you"ve acquired a full-on kit spot open, the visual enhancements in Battery 3 come to be clear. Envelope settings come up as shaded areas over the cabinet waveform and also you can view a cell"s info simply by waving the cursor over it. In terms of sound, the increased library is excellent. Too as including to the herbal kits discovered in version 2, it additionally extends that is coverage into sound style territory, through the Armageddon and also Noise kits featuring various impulse-type noises. You can conveniently import individual cell from these when building up your very own sound set.

On the subject of customising, the "articulations" feature lets you use standard drum performance approaches (flam, roll, drag and also so on) to any cell. This doesn"t require any type of extra samples, despite the truth that the takes benefit of different velocity zones way it sounds finest when supplied on multisampled cells. Articulations certainly add to the realism, and the same have the right to be stated of the brand-new convolution reverb in the master results section. Fairly cheekily, you can also drag any kind of loaded sample into the convolution home window for use as a convolution source!


With every one of its brand-new features, it would certainly be simple to overlook any shortcomings in Battery 3, yet inevitably, there"s quiet room for improvement. Indigenous a user perspective, to gain the most from it, you really have to play that from a MIDI controller. Once clicking the mouse, velocity is fixed (though it deserve to adjusted), for this reason there"s no context-sensitive playback. This means you have the right to miss out on the multilayered nature the the kit (many of which have actually 30 or more velocity layers) or the "note off" cells. What"s more, with various kits loading various cell procession arrangements, it"s simple to acquire confused as to how cells and notes heat up.

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Ultimately, though, if you use beats in her music-making (like many of the western world), Battery 3 is a fantastic instrument. When you"ve offered it, you"ll realise simply how important a an excellent drum machine is. Sure, girlfriend can accomplish much the what it provides using a traditional sampler, yet doing therefore would undoubtedly take longer. What"s more, if you ever before get bored, Battery 3 likewise offers the adaptability and an imaginative tools to keep your beats, loops and also any various other sounds top top the cut edge. Aspect in the an excellent sound collection and at £150 it"s pretty lot a bargain buy.