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I hope she's homeI'ma tell her the tour's overI know she gon' like thatCome on, baby, pick up, baby(Hello)Hey love, guess what?(I'm not house best now)What?(But if you'd choose to leave a message)Huh, no she didn't(You may execute so after the tone)Heh, currently you understand how I feel about talking to these answering machinesWbelow are you anyway?I recognize I've been amethod as well longAnd if you're listening, I just referred to as to let you knowSave tomorrow for meI'm comin' house to youOh girl, my babySave tomorrow for meI'm comin' residence to youOh girl, my babyI simply dubbed you upDue to the fact that you've been on my mindSo I have the right to tell you what I feel(Ooh, I'm absent you)I've been away too longNow I'm coming home to you
It's been difficult for meTo loss asleep at night—my loveSince without youI feel so—alone(So I'm coming home)Save tomorrow for meI'm comin' residence to youOh girl, my babySave tomorrow for meI'm comin' home to youOh girl, my babyDue to the fact that the day I leftAnd you went on your own wayMy life's simply not the sameOoh, baby (I'm needing you)And longing for your touchCan I obtain a message through?I have the right to hardly waitTo organize you in my armsOh girlSo don't be busyCancel everything'Causage I'm…('Causage tomorrow's my day)…comin’ home

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Save tomorrow for me (Aw, conserve it)I'm comin' house to you (And I want it all)Oh girl, my baby (My baby)Save tomorrow for me (Aw, conserve it)I'm comin’ residence to you (Girl, I'm comin' home)Oh girl, my baby (My baby)Save tomorrow for me (Missing you...needing you...)I'm comin' residence to you (...wanting you...each and eexceptionally minute of the day)Oh girl, my baby (Yeah)Save tomorrow for me(I know you know—sugar, I understand you know)I'm comin’ house to you (I'm comin' residence to you)Oh girl, my baby (I’ma do it like this…)Ameans as well longMissing you so I'm comin' homeSave me tomorrowAway as well longMissing you so I'm comin' homeSave me tomorrowSave tomorrow (Away too long)So baby save tomorrow 'cause I'm comin home(Missing you so I’m comin’ home)Due to the fact that without you I feel so alone(Save me tomorrow) Save tomorrowSince the day I left (Missing you)I was needing you (Coming home)Now I'm coming homeMy baby to you (Home to youAway also long) Can I acquire a message through?(Missing you)Since I'm coming home(Coming house, residence to you)Home, home(Ameans as well long)Home