Note that as soon as you pick a choice, you usually have. Check out your options and pick wisely.

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Flags of our Foul-Ups - fixing the Misfits

Mag’s equipment - Mag’s solution is nice direct. She desires you to take it them out to the firing range and to walk them through the exercise drills again. If you want to succeed with this process, girlfriend will need to have actually 45 points in Guns and also 45 point out in Explosives. Confirm that you want to usage her option and follow them the end to the shooting range. That right next to their sleeping quarters. Just use the ability checks for guns and then explosives to give them great advice and assist them occupational together together a squad. When their conference is finished, they will be good enough to pass their exam.Razz’s equipment - This should just be a conventional milk run mission. Razz desires to obtain the squad’s aggression up through the use of Psycho. Due to the fact that he requirements a bunch, friend will need to go to Jack in ~ Red absent Canyon. If the an excellent Khans hate you, climate this is not much of one option.

Poindexter’s solution - Poindexter desires you to help them cheat the system. There are two computers with their test results. You’ll require to have actually a science skill greater than 75 to gain both. The very first one is top top the reception workdesk in the key building’s lobby. If you walk in at any type of time, you should have the ability to crouch behind the desk and position yourself so the you’re hidden. If the NCR ranger exterior is in a place to check out the desk, simply wait till midnight. The 2nd computer is inside an office just behind the desk. It must be abandoned at night and also in the early on morning. Simply hack it and also fix the files.

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O’Harahan’s solution - O’Harahan desires to begin off with some straightforward kindness. Keep in mind that this is probably the fastest alternative if they’re all in your tent still. You simply need come have much more than 40 clues in Speech. Additionally note the the Speech examine is actually put into old conversation trees. You have to ask them around what lock think is wrong through the formation to acquire the alternative for the decided check. To convince all 3 of them to start working together far better to finish the quest.

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