This quick guide will define how to close or clear to run apps top top Google’s superior Nexus 6P smartphone. It has a large and beautiful 5.7-inch screen, amazing twin front-facing speakers, and plenty that power, however sometimes it’s good to close running apps. It’s quiet a quick phone, but for those wanting far better performance and much more battery life, try the steps outlined below.

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Doing things as simple as closing any kind of running apps may seem so general and an easy for mean users, but it isn’t easy for everyone. Customers switching to Android from an iPhone, or trying the Nexus 6P and stock Android end a previous Samsung machine with a various software interface, you may need to learn how to carry out a couple of things.

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A many Nexus 6P owners space first-time Android users, or have constantly used other from various other Android manufacturers that don’t market stock Android. We obtain asked a lot of questions, and this is just one of them. Close up door or clearing all to run apps is simpler than many think, and in many cases can have positive results. Review on because that the quick instructions, what apps you have to close, and when.


With a an effective 8-core processor and 3GB of lamb the Nexus 6P runs great, and also it has actually a large battery. That doesn’t median we can’t improve things though, therefore that’s what we’ll be doing below today.

The basic “rule of thumb” ~ above Android is come let the operating system regulate your memory, rather than individuals closing apps themselves. The Nexus 6P is plenty fast, however lets make it also better. Not to cite there space actually a few instances wherein clearing apps have the right to improve performance and also battery life.

Android does fantastic job regulating apps unlike any kind of other operating mechanism by putting apps in a low-power state in the recent apps menu, all set to it is in opened once needed, and saving battery the rest of the time. Through Android 6.0 it’s even much more aggressive with something dubbed “Doze” that sleeps apps, but keeps them ready to open once needed. The said, some room worth close up door or killing.


Closing running apps or clearing them out of memory and the recent apps menu on the Nexus 6P is actually incredibly easy, and also only bring away a few taps. All the buttons are ideal on the screen, and also it takes just a tap and also a swipe. To the right of the middle (round) residence icon is a square-shaped button that bring up recent apps. This is wherein we have to be.

This is the multi-tasking menu vital that brings up all currently open or to run apps. Because that those the didn’t know, switching from YouTube to the Browser, climate Gmail, and back to YouTube is fast and also easy using this button. Countless Android users never use it, yet it’s there and also waiting. This same area is whereby all open and running apps (even in the background) are located. Merely swipe to clean them.


The image over shows the bottom right button which opens the rolodex-style card check out of all at this time running apps. Over there is no clear all button like part Samsung’s or others, for this reason swipe away one or two, or all of them one at a time.

A fast swipe of your finger top top each application will instantly close that application. Any saved progress or website you may be top top will have to reload next time you usage that particular app, or be gone completely. The image above shows the menu, and also me swiping to clean YouTube (right side). It is it, you’re all done. The is that basic to nearby apps ~ above the Nexus 6P and most stock Android phones or tablets.


Once did you do it cleared every apps, that will display the display screen above, confirming every apps space closed. Clearing the SMS text application or phone dialer only method it will must restart top top your next incoming post or call, wasting battery and also processing power. So only clear things you won’t use. Large intensive apps favor Maps, Navigation, or games you have the right to close, but we’d recommend keeping the rest open and also let Android perform the rest.

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Again, only close what’s necessary, i m sorry is why wednesday recommend users just swipe away single apps one at a time they won’t be needing anymore, and also leave everything else to run in the background. Android 6.0 Marshmallow is really fast and efficient, and also puts apps into an also deeper sleep state than ever before, so closing apps isn’t every that vital these days. The just time wednesday recommend killing all apps, would be at work, in ~ night prior to bed, or if you i will not ~ be using the call for number of hours.