Monster overview for Crystolith, a Tainted Monster, in Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Prince"s Edition. This contains the monster"s information and also strategies.

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No.31 Crystolith
EXP RewardsGuilder RewardsItem Rewards
78,2297,640 GSavior’s Tear x2
East Wood

Crystolith Tainted Monster Strategies

Here is a failure of the battle strategies against the Tainted Monster:

Set your setups to Solid-Bodied Tactic Tweaker

Before beginning the battle, collection up your battle settings to Solid-Bodied Tactic Tweaker

Learn to evade its attacks

Try to protect against the orbs that the ceo throws at you. The boss additionally attacks girlfriend rapidly, inflicting damage. You have the right to perform an important hits ~ above the boss if you can knock him down as he starts to construct up. Once he starts whirling around, stay away from him.

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