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Gay Luigi is among the most popular Luigi develops in Youtube poop. It was from the game on Philips CD-i, Hotel Mario indigenous the cutscene the Hotel Mario (First cutscene)


He was offered this name after Hotel Mario"s intro whereby Mario says "Nice the the princess to invite united state over for a picnic, eh Luigi?" However, since of the letter "C" in the word "picnic", as soon as Mario claims "Hey" it sound an dreadful lot favor "gay".

Despite his hilarious nick name, the is never (?) watched doing happy things. He seems to have a soft liking in the direction of "lotsa Spaghetti". He likewise has troubles focusing, as whenever he zones out Mario often tends to to speak "It"s been one of those days… come on Luigi!" yet Luigi proceeds to act favor a mindless idiot.


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Gay Luigi?


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Gay Luigi? (9:58 loop)

Gay Luigi (Sparta Remix)

Gay luigi hotels happy luigi hotels

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Gay Luigi Day! rubbish Day!

Gay Luigi Sparta Remix




After A First-Round Victory versus Evander Holyfield, Vitor Belfort obstacles Jake Paul come 30 Million dollar Winner Take all Thanksgiving Boxing Match

This cute Jack Russell has been the topic of many slideshows collection to Lykke Li in the past few months.

After A First-Round Victory against Evander Holyfield, Vitor Belfort difficulties Jake Paul to 30 Million dollar Winner Take all Thanksgiving Boxing Match
After to win his fight versus Evander Holyfield in the an initial round, Vitor Belfort and Triller announced the challenge: a winner-takes-all enhance with Jake Paul for a 30 million dollar cash prize.

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