Be sure to check out the recommended cf cards because that Nikon D300 and D300s. Tthe Nikon D300 dslr camera is a high technology camers and to gain the ideal results you must be sure the compact flash card you use is going to worok well v your camera. For digital, many cameras, including the D300, a compact speed card, or CF card is the traditional memory card format. Although the newer pro and also prosumer Nikons have actually slots for 2 types of memory cards, the D300 only has one if the D300s has actually 2.

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Because it’s the storage component of your camera that stores your images, girlfriend really want it to be together robust and stable together possible, so you never need to worry around having your pictures wiped out.

There really space differences in cf cards, yet until ns read much more about this, i was completely ignorant of technical differences between compact flash card brands. I was probalbly a lot like you, in thinking that this df cards were yes, really all the very same from brand to brand. Yet I was an extremely wrong!

To protect against the agony of data recovery, use only these recommended cf cards because that Nikon D300 and your Nikon digital cameras. There’s fairly a choice, and a variety of prices, so do your me a favor and also stick through what’s been tested! I’ve relocated up to an 8GB cf card, however am wake up to walk much higher just in instance of a fail – i won’t shed ALL mine data. You notice that the lrager storage capacities such as 32 GB are not amongst the encourage cf cards because that the Nikon D300 or D300 s.It appears to me better to not have actually all your eggs in one basket as they say!

I actually have a couple of Lexar cf cards too, consisting of a couple of 4GB cards as well. Relying on what i’m shooting, and where, ns feel much better shooting on multiple cards – simply in instance one fails, there’s much less chance that ALL my pictures won’t it is in lost.

Touch wood, I’ve never had actually a problem. And Lexar and also Sandiskhas a data recovery insurance on their expert line of encourage cf cards.


Here are the recommended CF cards because that the Nikon D300, D300s, appropriate from Nikon’s net site

The following is a perform of encourage cf cards for the D300 digital tho camera. These cards have been tested and also approved because that use v the D300.

The following is a perform of approved memory cards for the D300 digital quiet camera. These cards have actually been tested and approved for use with the D300.

The Nikon D300 supplies CF (Compact Flash) memory.

Professional UDMA300X8 GB
4 GB
2 GB
Platinum II80X2 GB
1 GB
60X4 GB
Professional133X WA8 GB
4 GB
2 GB
1 GB
80X LT2 GB
512 MB

DSCM-110001 GB
3K4-22 GB
3K4-44 GB
3K66 GB

Other cards have not to be tested yet may work. For an ext details on the memory cards detailed above, please call the manufacturer.

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Go to Nikon’s site to make certain you obtain the many up-to-date-information about the recommended cf cards because that Nikon D300, D300s.