Our personal model is design to assist you boost muscle strength, power and also physical performance. Once properly used, the Nitro Fit delivers a mechanical stimulus that have the right to gently practice the entire body. Slight adjustments in frequency, position and time will impact the soot of your workout or rehabilitation session.

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Nitro Fit an individual Whole human body Vibration Machine

Feel the difference as you exercise on one of the most an useful vibration trainers, the Nitro Fit an individual Whole human body Vibration Machine. NitroFit an individual offers a simple and reliable workout in the lull of your residence or office.

How the works: exercising your bones and muscles provides them stronger and burns calories.NitroFit’s rapidly relocating platform does lot of the job-related for you since by forcing your muscles to exercise. Just standing ~ above the vibration communication will aid to combine leg and also core muscles. Full body workouts consist of of lunges, dips, squats, and also push ups deserve to be completed in as tiny as 10-15 minutes. The NitroFit Personal’s 30 adjustable speeds, programmable timers, 5 constructed in practice programs, pulse/body fat reading programs and flexible resistance bands make it a finest buy.


Built in wheels for basic relocation and storageEasy to use workout poster travel guide user with 10 minute workout, sculpting exercise and massage positionsLarge LED display screen features:Programmable 10 minute timerBody fat programHeart rate monitorScan mode5 Preset exercise programsDurable stole frame construction with molded plastic coveringAssembly required


Vibration type: PivotalLevels that intensity: 30Motor: .75 HPMaximum user weight: 330 lbs.Overall weight: 99 lbs.Frequency: 8-30 HertzAmplitude: 13 mm. MaximumDimensions: 21 in. D x 22 in. W x 49 in. H

Health benefits:

Increase muscle strength and toneIncrease flexibilityIncrease bone densityImprove skin appearancePromote lymphatic drainagePromote load lossDecrease muscle pain