On October 7, acoustic duo This Wild Life will organize 'No more Bad Days: one Evening v This Wild Life to fight Breast Cancer' in Anaheim, California at Chain Reaction. All profits resulting indigenous ticket and also merch sales for the occasion will be donated come theNational breast Cancer Foundation. Furthermore, 10% of every This Wild Life album sales in October will likewise be donated totheNational chest Cancer structure by Epitaph documents to coincide through Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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Tickets because that the occasion are on revenue nowfor just $20 and include a unique t-shirt. Below, you can read a personal statement native This Wild Life's Kevin Jordan in regards come the meaning of this charity event and also the band's involvement.

I prospered up v a solitary mother that verified me the true definition of hard work, unconditional love, and also perseverance.No one is more powerful than my Mom. Really, she was and still is a superhero in my eyes. Together a teenager, ns watched her go through nearly a year of chemotherapy without lacking a single day that work. See her battle with aches and pains, hair fall out, and also the financial and emotional weight that was burdened on her was a complicated time because that our family. At the time I think ns was for this reason naive, ns didn't realize the hardship she was really going through. I just knew shewas the toughest woman i had ever before known. Seeing the drugs beat her down was sobering in a way. It humanized my hero. The was and also still isscary to me just how fragile world we love have the right to truly be.

I wrote the song 'No more Bad Days' for my mother years ~ the fact. After I had some time to reflect on what she was really going through, and I want to present her support. I wanted to lift she spirits up.

This song has associated me v so countless people about the world, world going through personal hardships, world with family members members struggling v health. Back I composed this song with the single intention the encouraging mine Mother, that has end up being so much an ext than I ever anticipated. I've never ever been an ext proud to was standing behind something that came from the heart, and worked its means into the understanding of others. Hearing your stories is difficult for me in ~ times, because I don't know how to assist or re-publishing what assisted my family.

Our band has actually been really fortunate in being sustained by our friends, fans, and family for years now.We feel it's our responsibility to offer back, and work towards something bigger 보다 our own an individual dreams.Supporting women in health and financial battles is something an extremely close to house for me.Pushing this song to women and their family members who space in pain is a start, butwe want to display how an effective support with music can truly be.

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Our score is to raise $10,000 to donate to national Breast Cancer Foundation. One mammogram expenses $100, and early detection saves lives. If we deserve to raise the money to have actually 100 females checked we have actually the power to store mothers, daughters, friends, coworkers, and also loved ones approximately for years to come.It's significant what us can accomplish if we put our minds and also our mind together.