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The sunlight Is a deadly Lazer is a memorable line from bill Wurtz"s animated YouTube video clip "history of the entire world, i guess." The heat has since been the incentive for and also the topic of memes, YouTube remix videos, and also online jokes.


On may 10th, 2017, musician and animator invoice Wurtz released background of the entire world, i guess, a YouTube video clip documenting the chain of events that comprise the history of the planet Earth. The video has garnered an ext than 17.7 million views in less than 2 weeks (shown below).

Three minutes right into the video, as soon as Wurtz starts discussing the very first lifeforms come inhabit land, he sings:

"Can us go top top land? No. Why? The sunlight is a deadly laser."


That day, Tumblr user ihavecripplingedgienss<5> post a screenshot of the "the sunlight is a deadly lazer" moment with the inscription "why ns don"t go outside." The image (shown below) received an ext than 26,000 note within 12 days.


Several hours after Wurtz"s video was posted, YouTuber Aaron post the four second clip of "The sunlight is a fatal lazer." Within two weeks, the video (shown below) has received more than 30,400 views.


Over the next several days, "The sun is a deadly lazer" came to be the subject of plenty of remixes. On may 12th, YouTuber Maland 2016 uploaded a remix featuring We are Number One (shown below, left). The video received more than 4,000 see within a week. Posted on may 16th, YouTuber Metro3ds 2"s ""The sun Is A deadly Lazer" 4 billion times" (shown below, left) received much more than 12,700 see in 6 days.

On might 16th, Redditor ShreksAnus69<4> posted the image to the /r/dankmemes subreddit through the subtitle "when the crippled chinese boy who is her sex slave asks why can"t he leave the basement. The article received an ext than 2,600 clues (95% upvoted) and 86 comments within a week.


On might 17th, Redditor two_number_9s post "When walk the "the sun is a deadly laser" image start?" in the /r/OutOfTheLoop subreddit.

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<3> number of days later, on may 22nd, Redditor ramenisnice<1> posted a screenshot of the "sun is a fatal lazer" ar of "History the the entire World" in the subject "The sun is a deadly lazer" ~ above the /r/billwurtzmememe subreddit, where it received an ext than 500 points (89% upvoted). Later that day, Redditor Dippahns post the same picture to the /r/dankmemes subreddit.The post received more than 3,300 point out (91% upvoted) in seven hours.