Origin of Worse for Wear

This expression is quite old and also appears in the initially edition of John Heywood’s glossary of proverbs in the year 1546.

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Al thyng is the wors for the wearyng.

This translates into as things are provided, they wear and also deteriorate. After worse for wear became a famous expression, a new expression came about: none worse for the wear, meaning supplied but not worn out.

Comparable expressions to worse for wear are worn out and wear and also tear.

Examples of Worse for Wear

In the instance listed below, 2 friends are stating what to carry out for the evening.

Ted: Okay, I’m all set to go dancing at the clubs! Come on. Let’s go in my auto.

Rufio: Are you sure you desire to go in your car?

Ted: Yeah! Why not?

Rufio: Well, I know how a lot you love your auto, but it’s almost 20 years old!

Ted: Yeah, it’s a classic!

Rufio: No, I suppose that your automobile is looking a little worse for wear. If we want world to think we’re cool, we most likely shouldn’t let them view your old, worn out car.

Ted: I’m offended! I love my car!

Rufio: I know! And it’s a great auto, but it’s simply not ideal for tonight.

This dialogue shows 2 friends talking together about an old game they have actually from their days in university.

Zayna: Hey, look what I found!

Ben: Oh, wow! I had actually forgotten around that. Where did you discover it?

Zayna: It was in the earlier of my closet. I uncovered it once I was cleaning every little thing out last weekfinish.

Ben: I believed I’d never before see our old party game. Do you think we should usage it the following time we invite human being over to hang out?

Zayna: Haha, I don’t recognize. The game is a tiny worse for wear. We used it so much back in the day that the board is all torn up, and some of the pieces are lost.

Ben: We could relocation the lost pieces, and repair the broken parts. Here, provide it to me. I’ll work on making it look nicer throughout the week, and also we can play it next weekfinish.

Zayna: Okay, that sounds great! Let’s perform it!

More Examples

The excerpt below is around a band also that perdeveloped. Some human being at the concert believed the band also didn’t seem as great as the first time they played in the area, over ten years before.

This excerpt is about a guy that obtained hit with a vehicle but wasn’t injured.

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The idiom worse for wear means in a declined state because of prior handling.