is a nationwide nonprofit organization. Our summary Rating provides a snapshot of institution quality based upon the following measures. Learn much more about Ratings and why we changed them.

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" class="gs-tipso js-gaClick" data-tipso-offsetX="0" data-tipso-offsetY="-20" data-tipso-width="430" data-tipso-position="right" data-ga-click-category="Profile" data-ga-click-action="Infobox" data-ga-click-label="SummaryRating" href="javascript:void(0)"> is a national nonprofit organization. Our an overview Rating provides a snapshot of college quality based upon the following measures. Learn much more about Ratings and also why we readjusted them.
This rating shows exactly how well students in ~ this school are prepared for college contrasted to students at other schools in this state, based upon graduation rates, college entrance tests, and advanced coursework (when available).
The same Rating indicates how well this institution is offer disadvantaged students contrasted to various other schools in the state.

This section shows how much scholastic progress (also referred to as “growth”) students at this college are making given where they to be last year, contrasted to similar students in the state.

Currently, this details is unavailable. Update me when brand-new information is released on this school"s profile. Student progression Rating

Source:; this rating was calculated in | see more: about this rating

university readiness Learn more about this rating.

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This institution is far below the state median in key measures of college and also career readiness.

(Remember: high graduation rates don"t mean much if students are graduating there is no the coursework and also test scores they must succeed.) university Readiness Rating

The college Readiness Rating provides this high school's graduation rates, university entrance test participation and performance, or AP, IB, or dual Enrollment participation to determine how well institutions are prepare students for success in college and also beyond. The college Readiness Rating was developed using 2017 mean ACT score data indigenous Wisconsin room of Education, utilizing the adhering to data native the 2018 Civil civil liberties Data Collection: percentage of students enrolled in IB, AP or double Enrollment classes in grades 9-12, using 2018 4-year high school graduation price data indigenous Wisconsin room of Education, and also using 2018 demography data native the National facility for education and learning Statistics.

Source:; this rating was calculated in 2020 | watch more: about this rating

4-year high school graduation rate

Graduation rates reflect how plenty of students graduate indigenous this school on time.

Source: Wisconsin room of Education, 2018

Average plot score

The action is a college admissions test through a total of 36 possible points. This score reflects the median ACT score because that students at this school.

Source: Wisconsin department of Education, 2017

AP food participation

Advanced placement classes space college-level courses students can take in high school. The percent of students taking AP classes might reflect whether the school culture is concentrated on college.

Source: Civil rights Data Collection, 2018

Percentage of student enrolled in twin Enrollment classes grades 9-12

The dual Enrollment participation rate reflects the percentage of students at this college who are taking college courses while in high school. Credits because that these courses use both to high institution diploma requirements and also college graduation requisites.

Source: Civil legal rights Data Collection, 2018

Percentage of college student enrolled in IB qualities 9-12

International Baccalaureate (IB) is an globally recognized, high-standards program that emphasizes an innovative and an essential thinking. A high school may have particular IB class students can take, or a school-wide IB regime that affects every classes. Some colleges give college credit for IB courses. An ext about IB

Source: Civil rights Data Collection, 2018

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university success
What does it take because that a high school to stand out in terms of helping every students succeed in college? Learn about the best practices that award-winning schools.

Students who room unprepared because that college-level job-related may uncover themselves in costly remedial classes and also are more likely to drop the end of college. Effective high schools assist kids find their passions and also succeed after ~ graduation.
Graduates pursuing 4-year college

This reflects the percent of graduates native this institution who enrolled in a 4-year university or university automatically following high school.

Source: Wisconsin room of Education, 2015

progressed courses find out an ext about why STEM coursework is so crucial for today's students." class="gs-tipso" href="javascript:void(0)">
Rigorous courses can assist students prepare for and also get right into college, consisting of coursework in STEM subjects. Find out more.

Many successful high school students end up in remedial math process in college. Is your student ready for college-level math? asking this school just how they ensure that students room well prepared.
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