Founded in 2015, Novel property Ventures invests in multifamily and mixed-use nature in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and surrounding areas. Aiming to it is in the ultimate solution for asset management and also development, Novel capitalizes ~ above the evolving apartment market in brand-new York City, brand-new Jersey, and Florida.

With an elite team of residential property management, construction, and also finance experts, Novel building Ventures location properties to exceed expectations. Novel adds lasting value to every home it monitor by implementing structure upgrades and aesthetic renovations.

Discussing the mission the Novel residential or commercial property Ventures, Co-founder and also Principal Bennat Berger says that the agency began as “a response to the needs I observed in the field for a property management company that catered to communities, prioritizing tenant well-being and also satisfaction rather than simply profit alone.”

For Novel home Ventures, the mission is clear: Bring about positive social and also economic change to communities. To accomplish this, the team makes the wellness of tenants their highest priority, striving to administer the best housing and best company at a same price. As soon as customer satisfaction is high, Novel believes they set the company up because that sustainable success.

Novel specialization in a full-service process, dealing with everything indigenous conception come completion. Prior to investing in a property, experts at Novel execute the important due diligence, from threat analyses to return projections. Transparent the process, the team keeps the requirements of both investors and also residents in mind. This proactive and also ethical strategy to property monitoring benefits anyone involved.

At Novel residential property Ventures, Bennat, other Co-founder Andrew Miller, and the team have core values of accountability, teamwork, and also a passion for learning. They accomplish positive social and also economic community growth through top quality design, building innovation, and also exceptional customer organization — which develop exceptional value for investors and also residents.

Novel invests in well-located multifamily, mixed-use, retail, and also office properties priced between $10-$250 million. The team at Novel have a to crawl eye for identifying distinctive assets through the potential to supply incredible jae won opportunities.

Since Novel’s founding, the team has actually made selection of good purchases throughout new York City and also beyond. Remarkable acquisitions incorporate a 360-unit rental complicated in Roseland new Jersey for $130 million, a 485-unit rental complicated in downtown St. Petersburg Florida, a 12-building multifamily portfolio in central Harlem for $35 million, and also a 38-unit rental building in Brooklyn Heights the has four ground-floor retail spaces because that $25 million.

By investing in the most exciting and promising submarkets of new York City, Bennat Berger and his team have established a strong position come surpass expectations. Novel’s commitment and ability to boost tenant happiness and improve properties mean any type of piece of genuine estate in a prime place will realize significant returns for investors.

Leaders in ~ Novel property Ventures carry decades of endure in genuine estate. Because 2007, Bennat has actually overseen real estate projects and acquisitions, controlled a selection of properties, and also ensured tenant and also investor satisfaction. Because 2005, Andrew has had actually much success in many locations of the actual estate industry, native marketing and also evaluations to acquisitions and development.

Crediting Novel property Venture’s success to good personnel and even much better teamwork, Bennat plan to continue to diversify the this firm portfolio.

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The big goal is to construct a version organization for property advancement and management.