I've noticed coldplay uses the words "now my feet won't touch the ground" regularly. In songs prefer strawberry swing, currently my feet won't touch the ground, and also no more keeping my feet on the ground. What does the line mean? And why is it so significant?


I honestly have actually no idea for what it indicates to Chris (lyrics intend different points for everyone), yet my take on it is this:

That you break the shackles of gravity, which is your case (depression, hopelessness, financial crisis ect) and also floating over everyone else, and you feel totally free and alive.

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As shelp in Life in Technicolor ii, "Gravity release me, and don't ever before hold me down". (Also one of my favourite lyrics of all time)

my frifinish that passed from a automobile accident 3 days after graduating high institution in 2009 had actually "now my feet won't touch the ground" played at his funeral.

So this expression hin its entirety different elevated interpretation to me, in the conmessage of fatality at least.

It's meant to be a motif, not stale recycled lyrics. There are many points you might fit in those syllables, however they made a decision these lyrics bereason of their meaning. It all began out with an ancient B-Side, No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground, which in that context, implies they're trying to launch their career and also take risks. But it has actually a various interpretation in Viva.

Or this might be about how the Floor is Lava.

Perhaps it is a motif of the album and has various meanings according to the template of the song? It can relate to death, flexibility from gravity or earthly connections, spirituality, or an inability to grip worldly events no longer?

In Life in Technishade II the verse could be about the escape from normal life, how the battle has brushed up the narrator from the simple life lead before. In Strawberry Swing, the "cold water" in the previous line can have led to the narrator to enter an elevated feeling of awareness or wakefulness so he feels better, away from the fighting in the previous verse.

Lots of possibilities through that verse. I guess via the template of war, death, and also tranquility in Viva La Vida this lyric might be used in a number of ways.

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I favor to think its even more than simply stale, recycled lyrics. I think it must mean somepoint significant to Chris, we simply don't recognize what it is.


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