I've noticed coldplay supplies the words "now mine feet won't touch the ground" often. In songs prefer strawberry swing, now my feet won't touch the ground, and also no an ext keeping my feet on the ground. What go the heat mean? and also why is the so significant?


I honestly have actually no idea for what it way to chris (lyrics mean different things for everyone), but my take it on it is this:

That you break the bind of gravity, i beg your pardon is your instance (depression, hopelessness, financial situation ect) and floating over everyone else, and also you feel totally free and alive.

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As stated in Life in Technicolor ii, "Gravity release me, and also don't ever before hold me down". (Also among my favourite lyrics of every time)

my friend who passed from a car accident 3 job after graduating high institution in 2009 had "now my feet won't touch the ground" play at his funeral.

So this phrase has actually a whole different elevated an interpretation to me, in the context of death at least.

It's supposed to be a motif, not stale recycle lyrics. There are numerous things you can fit in those syllables, yet they decided these lyrics due to the fact that of their significance. The all started out with an ancient B-Side, No an ext Keeping mine Feet ~ above The Ground, i beg your pardon in that context, means they're trying to launch their career and take risks. But it has actually a different an interpretation in Viva.

Or this could be about how the Floor is Lava.

Perhaps the is a motif the the album and has different meanings according to the theme of the song? It can relate come death, freedom from gravity or earthly relations, spirituality, or an i can not qualify to fixed worldly occasions no longer?

In Life in Technicolor II the verse might be about the escape from regular life, how the war has actually swept the narrator native the plain life command before. In Strawberry Swing, the "cold water" in the previous line can have brought about the narrator to get in an elevated feeling of awareness or wakefulness for this reason he feel higher, away from the fighting in the vault verse.

Lots the possibilities with that verse. Ns guess with the template of war, death, and also peace in Viva La Vida this lyric might be used in a variety of ways.

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I prefer to think its more than just stale, recycled lyrics. Ns think the must average something far-reaching to Chris, we simply don't know what it is.


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