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This is regarded npm not being able to discover a document. The error-message npm ERR! enoent is telling you that the file can"t be found.

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First inspect if the file actually exists on your fs under that course and inspect the reference-route you usage to contact that file for possible typos.

If this is a fresh task you deserve to call

npm init and node will certainly initliaize your task and create a package.jboy for you..

From the official docs:

Description:npm init have the right to be used to set up a new or existing npm package.

initializer in this case is an npm package named create-, which >will certainly be set up by npx, and then have its main bin executed -- presumably >developing or updating package.jchild and also running any type of other initialization-associated >operations.

The init command is transformed to a corresponding npx procedure as follows:

npm init foo -> npx create-foonpm init
usr/foo -> npx
usr/create-foonpm init
usr -> npx

Any added alternatives will certainly be passed straight to the command, so npm init foo --hello will map to npx create-foo --hello.

If the initializer is omitted (by simply calling npm init), init will certainly loss earlier to heritage init actions. It will certainly ask you a bunch of concerns, and also then create a package.jboy for you. It will attempt to make reasonable guesses based upon existing fields, dependencies, and also alternatives schosen. It is strictly additive, so it will keep any type of fields and also values that were currently collection. You deserve to additionally use -y/--yes to skip the questionnaire altogether. If you pass --scope, it will produce a scoped package.

For more detailed indevelopment please read the main docs around npm init.

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this happened through me,as well. I turned out i remained in the wrong catalog once I run the npm command also, this is why I obtained the error messages. Changignt the directory through the cd command resolved the concern for me.

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Validate your course "C:UsersshagyDesktop3RD YEAR 2ND SEMESTERSPMNew folderSPM-SMS" does this really has actually package.jkid file? if no then you need to install npm aacquire (command also "npm init") to ensure package.jboy file appears in the same catalog as discussed in your error. Hope this helps!

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answered Dec 9 "19 at 18:30

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