Introducing the brand-new NRG lumber Grain Steering Wheel Series. Make from high quality products with innovative designs come let you feeling the smooth luxurious wood finish in mix with either an aggressive matte finish, elegance of chrome or a soft supple leather. A great addition for added style and look to any type of vehicle.

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Features:350mmLuxurious timber finishEnhances control experienceStylish Fitment:Universal

WARNING: Cancer and also Reproductive Harm



NRG technologies is among the many respected car part brands top top the market, supplying customers around the world accessibility to high-quality power parts. If friend love to drive and push your vehicle to the limit, NRG vehicle parts room the perfect enhancement to her car. Vivid racing carries a range of NRG gyeongju parts, accessories, and also products in our virtual store.

What is NRG Innovations?

NRG technologies was established in 2003 together a company that specialization in performance driving and racing. They room a auto parts company that is make by human being who love gyeongju for civilization who love racing, and their dedication to their craft is noticeable in the quality uncovered in all NRG automobile parts and also accessories. NRG parts and accessories go with a series of an overwhelming and strict tests to do sure every one of their products are approximately the task, result in products that are high-quality and also reliable. Lock are additionally constantly tweaking their product line, adding new unique styles, cutting-edge applications, and technical innovations to every NRG car parts.

NRG auto Parts and also Accessories

NRG developments made a name for themselves creating a range of different performance and also racing car parts, and below we provide an rundown of some of the most well-known parts castle produce.

NRG technologies Steering Wheel

They offer the largest selection of steering wheel on the market, building customized options that perfectly accomplish the needs of the driver. No issue your steering style, over there is one NRG innovations steering wheel because that you. NRG provides steering wheels especially formulated for traction racing, monitor racing, auto shows, and also drifting.

NRG innovations Seats

Drive in comfort and style v NRG advancements seats. Not just do these seats help the aesthetics the the inner of her vehicle, yet they also can improve performance, every while offering excellent lumbar support. V a range of different seats to select from, you can uncover the seat that finest suits her car and also individual needs.

Short Hubs

NRG short hubs are constructed specifically to enable for the usage of the quick release, making the the perfect brief hub for any type of serious driver. NRG brief hubs space up to 3 inches much shorter than the competition.

Quick relax Ball-Bearing System

The quick-release is a CNC aircraft-grade aluminum ball-bearing mechanism that attributes no slop. In ~ this time, the NRG fast release is the just product of its kind to offer twin spring self-indexing.

Purchase NRG Parts and Accessories native Vivid Racing

NRG developments is responsible for producing some of the an extremely best automobile parts and also racing accessories at this time on the market. Vivid gyeongju is proud to carry NRG auto parts, supplying our customers high-quality assets at an affordable price. If you space interested in learning more about NRG Innovations and the products accessible in our virtual store, call the lively Racing professional sales team at (480) 966-3040.

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Warranty and also DisclaimerItems marketed by NRG advancements may no be legal for street use in every states. WARNING, it is the buyer`s responsibility to comply v applicable state laws. The person who lives understands that because of strict U.S. Federal and also State security crash guidelines, NRG technologies is not responsible or liable for any damages or possible injuries incurred as a result of any accidents due to driver error, untrue installation, poor judgment, or act of nature/ GOD, Allah, Jehovah, etc. All commodities are intended for off-highway supplies only, and also should be provided for your intended functions only. NRG developments does not take duty for installation, modification, misuse and/or unusual tension of the products. The buyer assumes all responsibilities for identify the suitability that the products. NRG innovations is no responsible for any kind of damages occurs either directly or indirectly on the vehicles or operators/ passengers in ~ the vehicles.Disclaimer of include WarrantiesNRG innovations DISCLAIMS all IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND comparable OBLIGATIONS (OTHER THAN great TITLE) INCLUDING yet NOT minimal TO THOSE the FITNESS because that A details PURPOSE, and MERCHANTABILITY, even if it is OTHERWISE occurring BY LAW, CUSTOM, USAGE, trade PRACTICE, course OF DEALING, OR course OF PERFORMANCE. There are no warranties, i beg your pardon extend past those express warranties had in the Agreement. Buyer affirms the it has not relied top top Seller"s skill nor judgment to choose or furnish the goods for any particular purpose beyond the certain express warranties in the Agreement. Any kind of design noted by Seller is based upon information listed by Buyer. Any kind of modifications the drawings, prototypes and other occupational of Seller ~ approval through Buyer will certainly be at Buyer"s cost at Seller"s normal rates for services and also materials. Seller does no warrant the items will comply with the demands of any safety or environmental code or regulation of any type of federal, state, municipality or other jurisdiction past the specific express warranties in the Agreement.