Once uncovered, you can see the the battery takes up the most real-estate inside of the device. The battery is an extremely securely glued in so friend will have to be forceful but likewise extremely mindful when removed it.

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There are clips stop the back panel to the rest of the case. Girlfriend must apply some pressure to lift the ago panel off.


The battery is greatly glued down so friend will require to use force while likewise exercising fist to not damage the rest of the device.

When the battery seems loosened enough, use the blue plastic opening tool to background the battery indigenous the device.

If your device"s wiring doesn"t exactly complement these photos, snap a picture or do a note of what shade wire goes to which call on the motherboard before you detach them. (A mis-wired battery could cause electrical shorts and ruin the tablet computer for good.)

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Hello! can anyone suggest a specific battery for K1 model ? also the new battery comes through it"s very own wires together it is displayed on Step5 ?

Here: come aliexpress

I just happened to it is in looking because my battery life is atrocious. And also here"s the forum whereby I found it. They have other web links too if you desire to try them out.

XDA dev

I simply happened to it is in looking into this myself. I uncovered a forum with countless links that can be uncovered by browsing “Finding replacement Battery in 2017?” . The thread is on XDA-developers.com. This is a link that works: ~ above de.aliexpress.com

Good luck. As there is no convincing upgrade from the Shield K1, I might do this too. Various other people listed that you require the little PCB attached to the original battery come solder that onto the ceiling replacement battery.

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