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WARNING: This product deserve to expose you come chemicals including lead, i m sorry is recognized to the State the California to cause cancer and also birth defects or various other reproductive harm. For an ext information walk to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


Dual Controller ChargerHas the ability to charge 2 Xbox One wireless controllers concurrently
Includes 2 Battery Packs2 rechargeable battery packs provide up to 25 hours of play time
Unique Modular DesignAttaches come the optimal of the console and also sticks through the sleek architecture of the Xbox One Console
Easy Drop and also Charge FunctionalitySimply drop the controller top top the base to recharge. No cords needed

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Modular fee Station™ for use through Xbox One assistance FAQ

1. Have the right to I fee the battery from the strength Kit or strength Kit to add in the Modular fee Station?

No, the batteries for the power Kit assets do not contain the very same contacts that are current on the batteries offered in the Modular fee Station.

2. Exactly how do I recognize my batteries are charging?

While the batteries are charging, there will certainly be a white LED the illuminates equivalent to the battery harbor the controller is put on.

3. Just how will I know when my batteries are completely charged?

When the batteries are totally charged, the white LED indicator will turn off.

4. Deserve to you plug the Modular charge Station into a USB hub instead of the Xbox One console?

No, to properly charge the controllers native the Modular charge Station should be plugged in to the Xbox One™ console.

5. Deserve to I usage the Modular charge Station and also the Data bank at the exact same time?

No, you room not maybe to use the Data Bank and also Modular Charge terminal at the very same time together they accounting the same an are on top of the console.

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6. Is the Modular Charge station compatible v Xbox One S?

No, Modular Charge station is no compatible through Xbox One S.