In i know good hop, fans and also critics regularly marvel at and also put a premium ~ above the supreme soloists or teams who deserve to craft classic songs and also bodies of work while remaining the central figure. However, the most electric moments in the society occur once multiple emcees collaborate top top a track with the sole objective of asserting themselves as the many lyrically gifted by transporting an epos rhyme spill that outclasses the others. Throughout the years, the songs -- which are usually referred to as "posse-cuts" -- have become some the the many memorable in the genre"s history, as rap"s most legendary stars team increase on wax and also bringing the many rabid of rap fans" fantasies come reality.

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In solemn event of these historic songs and what they median to the culture, Presents: tale of the Tape, our series in i beg your pardon we failure the greatest posse-cuts of every time and rank the verses from worst to first.

In our latest installment the the series, we"ll be revisiting "We All die One Day" indigenous Obie Trice"s debut album, Cheers, which achieved platinum status. Building a reputation as a formidable lyricist because of performances in ~ Detroit"s renowned open mic venue Hip Hop Shop, Obie Trice captured the fist of D12 rappers Proof and Bizarre, the later introducing the underground dweller to Eminem, who inked Trice to a record deal in 2000.

making his debut ~ above D12"s Devil"s Night album, Obie"s name showed up on rap fans" radar after transporting the memorable intro "Obie Trice: actual name, no gimmicks" top top Eminem"s hit single "Without Me." Those looks would certainly be complied with up through appearances on The Eminem Show, and the 8 Mile and also Cradle 2 the Grave soundtracks, respectively. ~ above September 23, 2003; Trice unveiled his debut album Cheers to the public. It peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 and sold 226,000 duplicates in its very first week.

Led by the gold-certified solitary "Got part Teeth," as well as the Nate Dogg-assisted banger "The collection Up," Cheers received critical acclaim and continued Shady Records" streak of placing out high quality material. However, "We All die One Day," which features 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Eminem is thought about one that the premier cut from the album and also one the the more slept-on posse-cuts in the Shady vault.

4. 50 Cent

In 2003, 50 Cent had actually one the the more dominant calendar years in music history because the his debut album, get Rick or die Tryin", and also its success, i m sorry capped turn off the rapper"s rise to the height of the charts. However, the Jamaica, majesties tough additionally dominated the attribute circuit by gracing tracks like this Obie Trice cooperation with his presence. V his verse gift the last domino to fall, the stage is set for Fif to lug down the hammer. However, that minute never comes, as he gets off a few quality bars, however fails to increase to the occasion.

Standout Lyrics: "You can do all them press ups to pump up your chest/I acquired a twelve gauge Mossberg to pump up your chest/Have girlfriend gasping for air after ~ that shell hit her vest/Fear me like you are afraid God reason I carry death/Silverback gorilla in the concrete jungle/I"m the the strongest around, friend know how I acquire down/I watch gangsta flicks and also root because that the negative guy/And rotate it off prior to it end cause the bad guy die."

3. Obie Trice

Shady records signee Obie Trice take away the to plan to provide a heat inspect for his label-mates with his opening verse ~ above this bruising selection. Staying constant with the "cheers" theme of the album, Trice articles up in ~ the bar v cruel intentions for any rowdy club-goers who desire to difficulty his gangsta. Threatening to riddle the club venue with bullets, the Detroit indigenous conveys his disregard for the casualties that his warfare with this wild rhyme-spill.

Standout Lyrics: "I obtained issues, got no time/Got weapons that mourn niggas" moms/Shoot increase clubs and destroy niggas" vibes/Everybody to run for your motherfucking lives/Tough club niggas, us leave early, cock back surely/Open up her fade her gray mind meets engine City pave"/Your nervous device still twitch turn off JAY-Z."

2. Lloyd Banks

The earlier years that Lloyd Banks" laboratory career deserve to be compared to Vince Carter"s tenure with the Toronto Raptors, as both were otherworldly talents and also human to mark reels waiting to happen. The G-Unit young gun stays up to that reputation with his power on this outing by dropping clever punchlines and levying cocksure proclamations around the trappings the his stardom. Efficient and also seemingly effortless, financial institutions delivers the items with his verse, however nabs runner-up honors ~ being directly outmatched by among his costars.

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Standout Lyrics: "But as lengthy as I"m below I"m gonna take checks/And make my cash stretch much longer than giraffe necks/Poverty"ll make her ass bet/My words touch niggas in jail, make them wanna end up they critical set/They say you live by the gun, you dice by the following nigga gun/If that"s the case, then get a enlarge one/You don"t think I pack the pump cause I"m out the hood?/That"s a stereotype, choose everybody that"s Black have the right to jump."

1. Eminem

certain rap artist seem to flourish when their skills are weighed, Eminem being among them. The Shady records benefactor joins 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and also fellow engine City spitter Obie Trice top top this lyrical cage match, i m sorry evokes one awe-worthy barrage of couplets native the happiness animal. Paying homage to DJ Muggs and Cypress Hill, while sending out a stray shot in The Source magazine"s direction, Eminem slaughters the competition through a viscous stanza that"s a testament to his greatness.

Standout Lyrics: "We space not killers, my vato will have actually you shot, though/Dragged your tiny body and fucked choose Kim Osorio"s/Little sorry ho ass, go ask B-Real/We burn resource covers prefer fucking Cypress Hill/Did in the "90s, as soon as you was in diapers still/Shady Records, you much better believe the exaggeration is real/This is no joke, i don"t smoke/But i toke sufficient secondhand to make my fucking P.O. Choke."