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There are 5 different rooms, so the number of possible combinations would certainly be 2⁵ = 32.This is due to the fact that the an initial room have the right to have 2 possibilities (2¹ = 2), and also each of those 2 possibilities will certainly in turn provide 2 individual brand-new possibilities (2² = 4), and so on up till the 5th room.Also, because I think the each not correct chest have the right to be thought about to correspond to a failed full sequence, this would median that the odds that failing one attempt would certainly be 31/32, and this would average that the odds of failing it double in a row would be (31/32)², when failing it three times in a row would be (31/32)³, and so on.If us then use the formula p = 1 - (31/32)ⁿ, we have the right to calculate the n variety of required do the efforts in order to have a success price of, say, ns = 0.99 = 99%.This would provide the required variety of attempts n = (log<1 - 0.99>) / (log<31/32>) = 146 attempts, if you desire to be reasonably sure of do it to the end.
User Info: johneaston

1 year ago#4
I psychic once, just for the heck of it, ns went in there is no the Lens the Truth, just to see how much I"d acquire on guessing. I obtained to the red rupee room, ns believe, and also then guessed wrong.
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User Info: Gali1of1the1sea

1 year ago#5
johneaston posted... I mental once, simply for the hell of it, ns went in without the Lens of Truth, just to watch how far I"d acquire on guessing. I gained to the red rupee room, i believe, and then guessed wrong.When i was a tiny kid, i didn"t recognize the Lens of fact would reveal the chests in there and thought girlfriend just had actually to brute pressure guess it. Take it a long time, but I ultimately got the item of Heart.
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User Info: Neo_Rizer

1 year ago#6
I remember always brute forcing this puzzle, also after like 3 beat throughs, I never once provided the lens of reality properly... LOL I want that piece of heart way sooner 보다 I could possibly gain it for this reason I just sat there because that 15 to 20 minute trying to obtain lucky the an initial time however it only took me around 20 minutes to number out.I remember i memorized one of the trends on my 2nd play through and also I used the exact same pattern top top my 3rd play through and also it worked on the an initial try. (lucky me) - where you also can get an extra dose of textual diarrhea.

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Treasure Chest video game pattern (without lens that truth)
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