You may read the recent news that Ubisoft’s VR video game Eagle flight will be obtainable for all Oculus Rift customers soon. What one excitement! however if you’re gift tortured by the Oculus Rift no sound or audio issue in ~ the moment, friend could shot the complying with 3 methods to fix it immediately.

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Method 1. Adjust Oculus Rift Audio setups to fix Oculus Rift No Sound Problem

Before starting any troubleshooting methods, inspect your computer system volume and also make sure the sound is no muted. If there’s tho no audio as soon as you usage the Oculus Rift, you could check and readjust the audio settings to fix the Oculus Rift no sound problem. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Start the Oculus app, and then pick the equipment icon top top the upper right

Step 2. Click Settings

Step 3. Select the Devices section on the left side

Step 4. Select Rift headset

Step 5. Go to Audio Output, and check package for Use the headset"s earbuds

That"s all there is come it. The over steps candlestick default the audio to her Oculus Rift’s integrated headphones.

Method 2. Update the Oculus Rift Firmware to fix Oculus Rift No Audio Issue

The outdated Oculus Rift firmware could also cause your Oculus Rift sound not functioning problem. To keep your Oculus Rift working properly again, you shall update the Rift firmware come the recent version. Here’s exactly how to execute it.

Step 1. Open up the Oculus app, and then select the equipment icon i beg your pardon is placed upper right

Step 2. Walk to Settings

Step 3. Select Devices

Step 4. Look for the Firmware upgrade Required notification

Step 5. Choose Update

Note: It’s encourage to store your computer and Oculus Rift remote on while you room going v this process.

Method 3. Update Oculus Rift Sound Driver

Old Oculus Rift sound driver is one of the culprits that might lead come the Oculus Rift no audio issue. Obviously, the solution is to update your Oculus Rift sound card driver. You might manually download the driver indigenous Oculus’s website, however which will certainly be pretty complex for a computer novice, what’s more, it will certainly take you remarkable amount that time.

Alternatively, the best and also quickest method is to embrace a professional and also automatic driver download and update energy tool favor Driver Talent, which can download the latest Oculus Rift driver in 2 minutes to resolve your Oculus Rift sound not functioning problem.

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Click the button below to gain Driver Talent directly.

Download Now

Take the complying with steps to usage Driver Talent to quickly download and update the right Oculus Rift sound card driver for windows 10, windows 8 or home windows 7 with only a couple of clicks.

1. Scan your Computer

Click the “Scan” switch to begin the scanning process. Driver Talent will screen your outdated, corrupt, damaged or lacking Oculus Rift sound card driver.


2. Download and Update Sound Driver to settle Oculus Rift No Sound/Audio Problem

Click “Repair” to deal with the faulty Oculus Rift sound driver. Driver Talent will control the automatic download and also installation procedure for her computer. Friend could additionally click “Update” to store all drivers up to date, however it is no recommended to update what ain’t damaged for secure performance.


3. Reboot your Computer

Reboot your computer to make sure that the Oculus Rift driver update takes effect.

Note: that is vital to backup your chauffeurs with Driver Talent prior to installing a brand-new Oculus Rift sound card driver in case of driver crashes. Moreover, Driver Talent have the right to restore vehicle drivers from back-up to allow you come roll back to a vault driver version.

Aside native driver download and update, Driver Talent provides other premium features, such as system restore, motorists pre-download for another computer, pc Repair (common computer issues (e.g. No sound, no Wi-Fi), hardware detection, VR support check and PC rate up and also a whole not more.

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If friend find any type of other workarounds because that the Oculus Rift no sound problem, please do comments below.

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