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together is so often the case, the title of a work initiates the tone, or mood, of the narrative. Man Steinbeck"s title"s allusion come the poem of Robert Burns about the plough"s destroying a small mouse"s winter swarm connotes the disorder of America during the an excellent Depression, the despair, and also "quiet desperation"...

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As is so regularly the case, the location of a work initiates the tone, or mood, of the narrative. John Steinbeck"s title"s allusion come the poem of Robert Burns around the plough"s ruining a tiny mouse"s winter colony connotes the disorder the America throughout the great Depression, the despair, and also "quiet desperation" that lives, especially those the the itinerant worker.

I"m truly i m really sorry man"s dominionHas broken Nature"s society union,An" justifies the ill opinionWhich provides thee startleAt me, her poor, earth born companionAn" fellow mortal!....

But Mousie, thou arts no thy lane,In proving foresight may be vain:The best-laid schemes o" mouse an" menGang aft agley,

Just as the plan for the future of the mice has been destroyed, so, too, do the "best-laid schemes" of George, Lennie, and also Candy "go awry." For, the pressures of one indifferent world of Naturalism exist in the world of the itinerant worker. Such forces as the accident of Candy, the mental debility that Lennie, and also the inability of George to regulate Lennie against the seductive powers of Curley"s mam obstruct your happiness.

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Here are examples of the desperation that the lives of the guys in Of Mice and also Men

The old swamper finds himself disabled and likely to be fired if the is not thought about useful. Favor his dog that nature has rendered useless because of his age, liquid feels the hazard of helplessness and also death:

"They"ll have the right to me purty soon. Jus" as quickly as ns can"t swamp out no bunk dwellings they"ll placed me top top the county."

Having nearly escaped a lynching in Weed, George is constantly anxious that Lennie will execute something not correct that will certainly endanger your lives. So, that constantly instructs Lennie not to speak or to leave "jail bait" alone. Nevertheless, Lennie occurs danger once he defends himself against Curley, inciting the wrath that Curley. Also, as soon as he sit in the barn through Curley"s wife, favor the mouse of Burns"s poem, George"s well-laid to plan "go awry" together Curley"s wife is inadvertently eliminated by his uncontrollable hand strength.Lennie knows that he demands George. So, when Crooks taunts that by saying that George may not return native town, Lennie becomes distraught; angered, that scolds,

Lennie growled ago to his chair on the pond keg. "Ain"t no one goin" to talk no hurt come George."

After Lennie inadvertently chokes Curley"s wife, he operation to the clearing whereby George has actually instructed him. However, the imagines the voices of order scolding him in the picture of his aunt and also that the the rabbit.

Lennie moaned with grief...."I might jus" also go away. George ain"t gonna permit me tend no rabbits now."

The rabbit repeated...."He gonna leaving you, ya crazy bastard...."

Lennie put his hands over his ears. "He ain"t, i tell ya the ain"t." and also he cried, "Oh! George--George--George!"

Indeed, with the death of Curley"s wife and also the fatality of the dream of owning a ranch, the lives of Lennie, George, and also Candy are certainly ones the desperation. Thus, the overall mood that Of Mice and Men is a dark and cynical one in i m sorry the men are but pawns of an uncaring world.