A Week long Adventure the a Lifetime!Beach Landings, military Transports,  REAL military Tanks, along with Thousands of attendees from ALL over the World,  all on over 1000 acre of FUN!This is no ordinary game—It’s a household vacation because that all eras that will never ever be forgotten. Come sign up with us for whole week of paintball games, paintball merchants with fabulous DEALS, camping out and camaraderie with old friends... And lots of opportunities to make new ones!We have 60+ acres of dried campground area complete with 2 full-service restroom complexes. Or, if camping isn"t her thing, surrounding lodging is accessible at numerous hotels in Seneca, Neosho or Joplin, Missouri and also Miami, Oklahoma. RV hookups are available (30 & 50 amp) for luxury camping. 30 amp spots have water and also electricity. Spots are priced every the 24 hour period. You might purchase however many work you will certainly attend. Food sellers will be on hand when you get worn down of your very own cooking and also paintball vendors have actually booths open all week with LOTS of an excellent merchandise deals. Week-long pre-game events encompass Mini-Scenario games, Speedball, problem Course and Special Missions. If you haven’t been the end to the ar in a while, you will certainly absolutely LOVE our changes! We space making some serious renovations this year and also we require you to it is registered EARLY!2021 Oklahoma D-DAY JUNE 7-12th, 2021 Campground and Pre-registered Check-in opens on Saturday (June 6) at 8:00 to be at the prior gate. D-Day Adventure Park will be closed till JUNE 6th at 8 a.m. Non-Players: campers/visitors will should fill out a waiver and also purchase a facility armband for $20 at the former Gate. Make take trip Plans to examine IN for CAMPING and R.V.’S between 8 a.m. Come 12 p.m. Once YOU inspect IN YOU might COME and also GO together YOU PLEASE.ATTENTION PLAYERS: COMPRESSED wait ONLY!WEEK lengthy TICKETS!"Early Bird" Special is $90 (SOLD OUT)on revenue from June 17, 2019 till December 1, 2019 or when "Early Bird" tickets sell out. Just 500 available! 250 allied / 250 GermanRegular Ticket is $100 (SOLD OUT)on revenue from February 2nd, 2020 until March 1st, 2020"Getting Closer" Ticket is $110 (SOLD OUT)on sale from march 2nd, 2020 till April 1st, 2020"Slow Poke" Ticket is $120 on revenue from April 2nd, 2020 till June 1st, 2021 THREE day TICKETS!Early Bird -Three job Ticket is $60 (SOLD OUT)on sale from September 1st, 2019 until February 1st, 2020 or when sold the end - only 300 available.150 ally / 150 GermanRegular - three Day Ticket is $70 (SOLD OUT)on revenue from February 2nd, 2020 until March 1st, 2020Getting Closer -Three day Ticket is $80 (SOLD OUT)on revenue from march 2nd, 2020 till April 1st, 2020Slow poke -Three day Ticket $90on sale from April 2nd, 2020 till June 1st, 2021 THREE day TICKET HOLDERS might NOT acquisition A $20 NON-PLAYING/CAMPER/VISITOR TICKET.

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Early on ARRIVALS will BE UPGRADED v THE to walk ON distinction OF THE work OF ARRIVAL.Player registrations encompass all your compressed air requirements and totally free dry camping because that the whole week! Non-Playing campers and visitors will must fill the end a waiver and also purchase a facility armband because that $20 in ~ the prior Gate.ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION ENDS at an early stage Saturday morning, June 5th, 2021 in ~ 1:00 am Check-in opens at 8 to be on Saturday, June 6, 2020, at the former Gate!Walk-On tickets will certainly be available at the former Gate! If you space NOT a Player, climate you are thought about a CAMPER /VISITOR and also must purchase a NON-Player armband (that is good for the entirety WEEK) for $20! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!beginning in ~ 8:00 am, Monday morning, June 8, 2020EVENT paint ONLY!Valken paint will be Grafitti for $65 per instance ON SITE and ON-LINEORDER PAINT now Directions: from Indigo sky Casino ~ above Highway 60, go south on Cayuga Road about 6 miles till you check out the D-Day Adventure Park authorize where you will turn ideal on eastern 175 road. Follow the blacktop and you room there! https://www.facebook.com/DDayPark/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/2217368597/