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$85.00 per HOUR labor RATE

70% much more labor price payout covers practically every hourly repair rate in the USA and also Canada!



FromToMakeModelSeries TrimSize(C.I/L)TransmissionNoteCore ChargePrice
19681969Oldsmobile442350/5.7Auto or Manual250.001827.00 include to Cart


Fuel TypeGasolineFuel SystemNaturally AspiratedCylinders8Engine TypeOHV V8Engine dimension - C.I/Liters350/5.7TransmissionAuto or ManualVIN TypeR
Installation InstructionsPre-lube and Break-In procedure, engine oil and gasket kit shipped v engine. Expert installation recommended.Engine Description1968 - 1969 Oldsmobile GM basic Motors 350 C.I. 5.7L OHV 2v V8: iron Engine Block; iron Cylinder Heads; boring 4.057”; hit 3.835”; Compression ratio 10.25:1; Firing bespeak 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2; horsepower 315

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3200 rpm (typical); expert Installation Recommended
Head CastBlock CastCrank Cast
19651969Oldsmobile442400/6.6Auto & ManualEngine W-32; Olds 442 Application0.003788.00 include to Cart


Fuel TypeGasolineFuel SystemNaturally AspiratedCylinders8Engine TypeOHV V8Engine dimension - C.I/Liters400/6.6TransmissionAuto & ManualVIN TypeN/A
Installation InstructionsCustom build: client supplies straightforward long block because that build. Call directly because that logistics and custom specificationsEngine Description1969 - 1969 Oldsmobile GM basic Motors 400 C.I. 6.6L OHV 2v V8; stole Engine Block; stole Cylinder Heads; boring 4.125”; hit 4.250”; Compression ratio 9.5:1; Firing stimulate 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2; horsepower 325