there is one apartment with 3 stories. A white family lives in the top, a mexican family live in the middle, and also a black household lives in the bottom. A tornado comes and also wipes out the apartment. That survives?The white family because the parents to be at work and also the children were at school!

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A black man walks into a bar with a parrot ~ above his shoulder and asks because that a beer. The bartender bring a beer and also notices the parrot top top his shoulder and says, "Hey that"s really neat. Wherein did you acquire it?" The parrot responds, "In the jungle, there"s numerous them."

my dad to be a complex man. He to be a large racist, my dad, however he quiet tried to be a good father, you know?Like, he would tell me the Santa Claus was black color — the way, as soon as I uncovered out the didn"t exist, that wouldn"t it is in that large a let down.

i don"t recognize why everyone no black world so much. Black people are great! Everyone must own one!


The following conversation took ar in school.Teacher:"So we are all lower from Adam and also Eve."Young kid:"My dad says we come from apes."Teacher:"That"s most likely true because that your household Abdul."

Q: exactly how do you understand Noah to be a White man?A: No nigger could stay ~ above a boat for 40 days without eating the chickens!

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"Hey, today we got the 4 of clubs. A male named Samir al-Aziz, a Ba"ath party negative guy. And also we now have the 4 of clubs, the five of clubs, the five of spades and the seven of diamonds. Ns don"t recognize what game they"re play at the White House, but today, when it was evidenced that we had actually the 4 of clubs, Condoleezza Rice had to take off her blouse." bill Maher "The Pentagon claimed this week that the war in Iraq has expense $20 billion so far. The malfunction is operations: $10 billion; personnel: $6 billion; getting shrub re-elected: priceless." invoice Maher "The chairman boasted at the peak of his press conference that we have the support now of Britain and also Spain for our attack on Iraq. You know, as soon as you want to make it perfectly clear to the civilization that you"re no an imperialist, the civilization you want in your corner are Britain and also Spain." invoice Maher "Iraq now says the it will, after all, ruin its missiles. President shrub said, "Please, I offered to traction the same trick. There"d it is in an intervention, I"d do a large show of pouring out the liquor and also then there was a instance under the floorboards."" invoice Maher.