The most popular things our guests ask us around are described here. Alternatively, we"re here 24/7 to answer any questions you have – just offer us a contact or send one email.

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Our service

We offer an extraordinary level of business for stays in the best homes. If you"ve never ever experienced before, us recommend you read this to obtain familiar. And, as you"ll hear, we"re always accessible to answer any type of questions friend have.

2. Cleaning

We very closely clean and prepare every home prior to you arrive and after girlfriend depart, and we"ll clean weekly throughout your stay. An ext frequent Housekeeping services deserve to be arranged on request, subject to access and a charge.

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3. Damage

As component of booking through, our guests agree to report any accidents or damage. When you arrive us secure a $1,500 hold on your credit or debit map (see 22. Pre-authorisation), and also we carry out a thorough inspect of the residence after each stay. If we do find damage, we"ll call you.

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4. Extra services

We can arrange added services come make your journey and also stay with us in Los Angeles exceptional. Uncover out more here.

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5. Guest services team

Unlike every those home-booking platforms, we have actually a neighborhood Guest services team in Los Angeles, accessible by phone or email 24/7 throughout your stay. Reach us on +1 310-594-7478 or la.guests

6. Housekeeping

Our Housekeeping team traverse Los Angeles cleaning and also preparing residences before and also after stays. We"ll clean weekly during your stay, and much more frequent Housekeeping services deserve to be arranged on request, subject to ease of access and a charge.

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7. IPhone

When you arrive you"ll gain a iphone phone with complimentary data, endless local calls and a variety of valuable apps because that you to use throughout your stay.

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8. Keys

You"ll obtain two to adjust of keys from your meet & Greeter, in addition to instructions on locking up once you go out.

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10. Payment

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express, and also bank transfers for stays with at the very least 7 days" notice.

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11. Travel Advisors

Our travel Advisors recognize our cities and also neighbourhoods back-to-front, and also they"re available around the clock to assist find a home that suits you.

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Los Angeles homes

Each home provided with is unique, and also belongs to a homeowner – even if it is they live there most of the year or for just a few weeks.

We"ve visited each house in human being to take accurate photographs, thorough room configurations and also home truths, so friend can book with the same confidence you have actually in the ideal hotel brands. Our travel Advisors are accessible 24/7 to assist choose a residence that suits you.

12. Home truths

Because every house is unique, we highlight any kind of "home truths" on the listing and make certain you"re aware of them as soon as you book.

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13. Home rules

When you come you"ll be provided a copy that the residence Rules, requests do by the homeowner, that we ask every guests to abide by as soon as they"re in the home.

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14. Location

For security reasons, we display only the approximate location of residences on ours website. You"ll be provided with the full resolve (along with detailed directions) once your booking has been confirmed.

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16. Stairs and also accessibility

If you"re travelling through young or elderly guests, it"s necessary to make certain any availability needs are disputed with her travel Advisor before you book. Most dwellings in Los Angeles have at the very least a couple of steps, and many have internal stairs without elevators.

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17. Tamper tape

When we"re readying a residence for your continue to be we seal off some drawers, cupboards and (in some cases) preventive rooms, because that storing away the homeowners" an individual effects. Us ask that you respect these private locations during your stay. Of course, us make sure there is plenty of storage room available for your things.

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Your come to Los Angeles

Travelling to an attend to in a city you"re not acquainted with deserve to be daunting. When doesn"t have a hotel front desk or a large flashy sign, we have put a the majority of thought and also care into making your arrival as smooth as possible. And we"re always obtainable at +1 310-594-7478 or la.guests

18. Check-in and also check-out

We"ll fulfill you at the house at her convenience any kind of time after ~ 4pm on your arrival date, and our typical check-out time is 11am. Beforehand check-in and late check-out can be arranged in advancement with your travel Advisor, subject to accessibility and a charge. In ~ the finish of her stay, checking out is straightforward – you"ll have actually instructions on locking up and also safely depositing secrets (you don"t need to meet anyone from our team) and also we"ll arrive later on in the day to clean and prepare because that the homeowner"s return.

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19. I.D. Check and card authorisation

We"ll check the lead guest"s I.D. And secure a $1,500 hold on a corresponding credit or debit card which will certainly be released as soon as we check no damages was caused during your stay (see 22. Pre-authorisation for an ext detail).

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20. Luggage storage

If girlfriend are showing up in LA earlier than 4pm, girlfriend can select to drop your bags in ~ the residence from 12.30pm onward. We"ll arrange because that your satisfy & Greeter to welcome you, however please be aware that the residence may no be fully ready until 4pm – us ask that you grab part lunch or discover the neighbourhood until our team space finished prepare the home.

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21. Satisfy & greet

One that our meet & Greeters will be in ~ the home to welcome you. If you"re going come be to run late or early, you re welcome let us know as shortly as you can so the we can reschedule your arrival appointment.

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22. Pre-authorisation

When friend arrive we secure a $1,500 organize on your credit transaction or debit card. The amount is held by your bank until we check that no damage was caused during your stay. We will release the host within five days after her departure, but it deserve to take your financial institution longer to process the inquiry from the credit or debit card company. If you do damages anything it"s constantly best come let us know prior to you leave. And also once friend depart, if we find any type of damage, we"ll acquire in touch immediately.

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23. Travelling right into Los Angeles

23.1. Customs and immigration

If you"re a guest paris from external the USA, you re welcome be mindful that it can take in between 1-2 hrs to clean customs and also immigration. If you"re flying in domestically, the wait deserve to be as much as 60 minutes, depending upon the time of job you"re travelling.

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23.2. Private automobile transfer

If you have actually lots the luggage or space travelling with children, we can arrange a private vehicle transfer for you. If you"re interested, please contact your trip number, arrival time, and credit map details so we can book this because that you with our desired provider. The driver will fulfill you at the airport through a sign with her name top top it. The price because that this service will vary according to which airplane you"re landing at, and also where your house is in ~ the city. The price does include waiting time and also any delays. Us can likewise arrange because that a son seat if needed.

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23.3. Taxi cabs and rental cars

Los Angeles is a driver"s town, so it will most likely be an ext cost reliable for you to rent a car during your stay. Rental car offices abound. If you"re flying into Los Angeles global Airport (LAX), you have the right to hop ~ above a totally free shuttle for the automobile rental company of your choice. Just follow the signs leading come Ground Transportation. We have actually partnerships with several of the optimal rental companies, for this reason let us know if you select to rental a car.

Another alternative is come queue for a taxi. We can give you fare estimates based on your destination.

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23.4. Parking facilities

Some of our houses have off-street parking obtainable for guest in the form of a driveway or a garage. Otherwise, street parking is commonly close by and easy come find.