Beneath her living room sofa, you check out that remote controls seem come increase because every time you relocate around, there is one more. By changing to a universal remote, you can reduce the variety of remote controls. Users have the right to operate several devices using the “One because that All global Replacement far 3220”. Having actually large-shaped buttons renders the usage very basic by feeling alone.

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The far manual consists of the programming code for the device’s manufacturer.

Step -1 : Boot up the maker you are programming the URC 3220 far to operate.

Step 2 : push the “DVD/VCR” “CBL/SAT” or “TV” switch on the remote.

Step 3 : Push and hold the “SET” switch until the red LED flickers twice.

Step 4 : get in the manufacturer’s password after releasing the “SET” button. To check the entry, the LED will flicker twice.

Step 5 : push the “POWER” vital after aiming the URC 3220 in ~ the device. The device will shut under if the password worked. If the machine does no shut down, use the adhering to code top top the list and redo actions three to five.

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Try spring for an additional code, if no one of the codes for your device’s manufacturer worked. Form the password “991” ~ redoing the programming steps. Press the “POWER” and the “device” crucial consecutively until the maker shuts down. Then push the “SET” key.

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